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Hey everybody, I know, I don't blog very frequently for this group. I have been occupied with sh, er, stuff, like blogging for Sexy Women of Sports. Who knew blogging could be such a pain in the ass? Well, I like blogging, but only when people read the blog and bother to comment. Anyway, I will only mention news in the MLB and the NFL, I am pretty sure you can find out the score somewhere else.
 MLB News: Red Sox closer Jonathon Papelbon was fined for taking too long to throw out the 9th innings opening pitch. I can't stand the Red Sox and their players, but I find this an interesting…
Hello, hello, welcome one and all to The NFL and MLB Group blog, written whenever I feel like it. Unfortunately for you, my readers, I have not graced your Internet server in many days. However, that has all changed now that I bothered to type on my keyboard the latest happenings in these respective leagues.
MLB: The attention grabbing games of yesterday shall now be stated on this blog in an easy to swallow format, as I now write with capital letters, spacing, and appropriate puncuation.
AL Games: The Yankees are keeping pace with a win in Cleavland, while Cleavland is looking to join…
hey everybody, its giambi owns once again, and its time to talk baseball.
yesterday was the start of interleague play and in one game, the defending world champion phillies stomped burnett and the previously hot yankees, 7-3.
the minnesota twins slammed the brew crew into the ground, repeatedly, in front of minnesota's joyous home crowd, 11-3.
the st. louis cardinals shut down the royals, 0-5, in busch stadium.
the rays absolutely destroyed their in-state rivals, the marlins, 15-2 in land shark stadium.
in the only intra-league game, the padres shut out the cubbies in sunny…
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just for your information, the group poll is among americans because the nfl is only in the u.s., not canada and they have the cfl in the first place
Giambi Owns 05/23/09
just fm if you want to be able to blog for the group
Giambi Owns 05/23/09
anyone can write a blog in this group, just make it at least barely related to football or baseball
Giambi Owns 05/22/09
the blue jays are doing suprisingly well so far, but as much as i hate to admit it, the red sox have the best chance at winning the series
Giambi Owns 05/20/09

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