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Hello everyone thanks for entering in this exclusive throw down tournamnet. The rules are that the higher seed gets to pick the topic and time. We are playing double elimination. After game 1 their will be a winners and losers bracket which will be further explained. I will edit this blog by adding winners along the way. Also once the throw down is made the challenger has 24 hours to repond or its a forfeit.  Game 1:Round 1: Seed 1: Zack vs. seed 6: Siks521 Tues Round 2: Seed 2: Eagles fan in St. Luis vs. seed 5:  UFCfanatic899 Wed Round 3: Seed 3: Kdog30 vs. seed 4: PhillyFan…
First place is going to the Eagles. A dominant defense will be the key factor in their success. With Westbrook and Buchhalter as their rushing game it should be a strong area. Quarterback, as long as McNabb is healthy they should have an above average throwing game. Recievers, this is the area Philadelphia needs the most work on. Reggie Brown will be the main option, and will be thrown to just about every play that the Eagles aren't getting the ball to Westbrook.  At second place, I'm going with the Cowboys. As long as T.O keeps his mouth shut and Tony Romo doesn't flert…

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my time has come 09/29/08
I'm leaving. too inactive.
Cheezhead 06/23/08
I for one have been busy but plan to return to regular blogging in the fall.
bigjay 06/15/08
Why does this group still exist?

I'm leaving.
If you here trades or rumors in any sport put them down here. By the way who do you think got the better end of the Carolina Ottawa trade?
bulkyhead 02/12/08
Check out my NEP blog

A-Rod to star in new drama, ???Cooler 2???

Surprising movie industry insiders, producers for the much-anticipated sequel to the original ???Cooler???, starring Alec Baldwin and William H. Macy, went outside normal Hollywood protocol and have decided on all-star infielder Alex Rodriguez in the lead.

The original movie detailed a man who is known to bring bad luck wherever he goes, and is hired by a casino to ???cool??? off hot players in the casino.

A-Rod could not be reached for comment.

However, Producer Sy Simkowitz was eager to share his feelings about the upcoming Paramount project. ???We were looking for authenticity in the actor for the lead???, Simkowitz stated. ???We have followed Alex???s progress throughout his career. When he was in Seattle we began giving up hope that he was right for the part. However, when he was traded to Texas we had to again begin to take notice. Now after his years with the Yankees, we know we have our man.???

At the press conference, Alec Baldwin was present but did not say much to the mass of reporters. Looking like an overweight Robert Dinero minus the acting chops, Baldwin was seen toting a baseball bat. When asked about the bat and its connection to A-Rod being a baseball player, Baldwin replied ???Who the **** is A-Rod????, and proceeded to attack the reporter with said bat.
Fastbreakblog 11/20/07

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    Tuukka Rask takes blame for Bruins' Game 1 loss
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    Quarterback freefalling down draft boards
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    Oklahoma State pays Peyton Manning $105K for speech

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