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Nurse Susan Gallagher: He's a Jew.
Alex: How do you know?
Nurse Susan Gallagher: I've had a look.

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Due to my military service injuries, and other explainable circumstances, it's come to my attention (via VA doctors) that I am going blind. It may happen in the next 6 months...or may happen in 5 years...they don't know. Normally this happens to individuals in their 70's or 80's, but with my "closed head trauma" head injury history, it can happen much sooner, like now.

I've been a member here on SI since 1997 (if I REMEMBER right...lol) when I bought a Sony VAIO home PC at Ft. Lewis WA. PX. I got on the internet via a 56K Modem (OMG!!!), and hooked up with sports fans everywhere! Oh, I've…

Exhibition games have been played in Professional Football since the beginning of the sport. In fact, until league play was formalized in 1920, one could consider virtually all of an independent professional football team's schedule to be exhibitions. In the early years of the sport, teams often "barnstormed", and played squads from leagues outside their own, or against local college teams or other amateur groups, charging fans whatever the traffic would bear. These games might be played before, during or after the teams' regular seasons. The quality of the sport during this…
Today is Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Sports History

1918 - Brooklyn rookie Henry Heitman made his major league debut and his last major league appearance in the same day. He pitched four straight hits to the St. Louis Cardinals, left the game and never played again in the majors.

1921 - Baseball fan Reuben Berman sued the New York Giants, claiming he suffered mental and bodily distress after refusing to return a foul ball May 16th at the Polo Grounds. Berman was eventually rewarded $100.

1937 - The United States captured the Davis Cup by beating Britain, four matches to one.

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Let's Go Blues!!!!!!!!
ElevenRingsSTL 04/17/14
Sorry I haven't been around, been spending a lot of time at facebook lately. As for the blog, I now write one every Monday for 7poundbag.com. They were looking for writers and a friend told them about the blogs I wrote for some private groups and they asked if I'd be interested. I said no at first but then thought, why not, all they can say is your writing stinks and we don't want you anymore. So, Musings From the Bench is a weekly blog appearing at the site on Monday. Stop on by and check out the others stuff....they are the real writers.
Hope the weather's been good to you this spring. We might hit 45 tomorrow, but no more snow. Rain I can take but I'm sick of the white stuff. I'll try to stop by once a week so this group doesn't end up like so many others. Dead. Have a good rest of the week.
One day until Opening Day !!!!!
ElevenRingsSTL 03/30/14
One Week Until Opening Day!!!!!
ElevenRingsSTL 03/24/14
LCB - just read your blog. Don't worry about blowing your own horn, I'm glad you did.

It was very good. How often are you going to write the blogs for 7poundbad?
ElevenRingsSTL 03/21/14
The blog has my fb name of Jane Gray.
Not to blow my own horn, but here's the url to a blog I wrote for 7poundbag.com

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