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August 6, 2009, 11:06 PM
We need to support the coach, we need to support the team. Give them a chance to build on something. Let them learn together and support them.........AND.......

.......STICK WITH IT!.............

And I don't mean until they have two losses in a row. Cage the Boobirds and let the team grow. The NFL is a business and the customer is the fans, so yes, we do have a voice. If we the fans chase everybody out of town nothing is going to grow and we will NEVER have a winner.

When you go to the game and the guy next to you starts booing, tell them this, pass the word. As corney as it may sound, lets as fans, as a team, come up with something to do to show support, to let our Browns know that we are WILLING to let them grow!

Toss this around for a while, come up with some ideas, spread the word, and above all,

.......STICK WITH IT!.............
July 22, 2010  06:10 PM ET're right. If you are not rooting for the Browns, then go root for whatever bunch of losers you are a supposed fan of. If you don't have anything better to do than root against us, then you are the true definition of loser... succeeded....

July 22, 2010  09:31 PM ET

just so you know.......all you that believe football started with the 1st super bowl. didn't. an the cleveland browns, over all of football's history , still have the most world championships of any team. any.!!!!! so although we might be in a drought, just look at our history .......we "will" get there again......we just have to do it together. now get out there an cheer.....cheer with all you got....cheer so even our players will look around with wonder....cheer them on even when they are losing, cause that's when they need us the never, one of our own. an if we should lose a hard fought game.....then that's when you stand an cheer the other team. we are, afterall, THE CLEVELAND BROWNS. love ya all, don .....from the HOF city, canton ohio

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July 23, 2010  10:20 PM ET

One way to get rid of the spammers is to cut and paste this message into all the legit threads.
Here goes.
It's Friday night, time to go out soon for a night of dubachery.

December 18, 2011  07:50 AM ET

Support a coach that can't see a player was downed by helmet-to-helmet contact and not think he might want to check for a concussion?

Even the Pittsburgh boards show compassion for McCoy!

This organization has stunk since its return because it has a systematic lack of values and leadership from the owner on down. Players, coaches and fans are hung out to dry on a yearly basis while they continue to rake in the cash from the lifelong rabid fans.

My Browns died in '95. RIP.


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