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August 10, 2009, 05:18 PM

Debating The Merits Of A UFC Monopoly

As the face of mixed martial arts has changed drastically over the past month, with the disappearance of Affliction Entertainment and the emergence of Strikeforce as an international promotion, the long running debate about whether or not a UFC monopoly is truly best for the sport rages on. The arguments from both sides run deep on both sides of the fence, and both are valid in their own right. Novice and hardcore fans alike have had countless discussions to each point, MMA Spot staff members as well. Two of our staffers, D.W. Antler and Brad LeBeau recently took to the debate to see if anyone could make heads or tails of the issue.


Opening Statements:

D.W. Antler (Special Reports Journalist): Affliction's recent demise is yet another example of a highly touted potential competitor to the UFC coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb. The organization follows in the footsteps of IFL, WFA, and of course, Pride. There have been a lot of failures in the last few years in MMA promotions, leading to the UFC's dominance over the market. And it is because of this very dominance that the state of the sport has never been better. The UFC's monopoly is indeed a very good thing for the sport of MMA, its future and its fans.

Brad LeBeau (International Reporter): So here we have another MMA organization that has failed. And we still have the UFC at the very top of the MMA food chain ready to bite the head off of the next organization trying to make a name for itself. Is that a good thing? Some would say yes, but most MMA enthusiasts would say no. Competition is the one thing that makes everyone strive to get better; whether it be a fighter or an organization. Competition is what made most sport leagues what they are today. Would the NFL be the same today if they had not had competition from the AFL? The NHL without WHL? Probably not. Having competing companies like Strikeforce, MFC, DREAM, Sengoku, and Bellator will only make the UFC better and in turn, if managed and promoted properly, the UFC will make these organizations better as well.

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