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August 11, 2009, 10:19 AM
Man, Brady Quinn sounds like a true QB and a REAL leader!!

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Here it is:

It appears that the new coaching staff is testing Quinn's arm to make sure he can throw deep effectively, and he's been passing with flying colors.

"It's you guys who have been saying that [he can only dink and dunk]," said Quinn. "I've never shied away from throwing a deep ball. I just try to be smart with the football. I take what the defense gives me and I'm not going to force a throw. [Sunday], we had a guy who got open downfield and that's the type of offense I like to run. We like to have ball control, control the clock, manage the game, and make plays when they are there, but not force things. We're trying to play smart football and that's the kind of football I like to play."

The good news for the staff is that Quinn could've thrown longer to Leggett if he had to.

"I still had some more in the tank," said Quinn. "On a throw like that, when the guy beats [his man], you never want to overthrow him, but you do want to give him a chance. You don't want to underthrow it either, so I guess you're just trying to put it on the money if you can."

Quinn said his grip feels even better now than it did before he underwent surgery in November to repair a broken finger.

"I don't know if they put a little something in there for me or what," he kidded.

He also came into camp about 8-10 pounds lighter than last season, at 230.

"I did a lot more running," he said. "When I was training down in Florida, we were running so much in the heat, it's just going to fall off."

After spending most of the off-season rehabbing in Berea, Quinn trained in Florida -- and took a few players such as receiver Brian Robiskie and Leggett with him.

"Maybe that had something to do with our connection [Sunday]," said Quinn.

BQ says go brown: Quinn came out strongly in favor of the brown pants after the scrimmage. "These are awesome," he said. "I love 'em. First of all, they're just cool. They're different. And that stripe on the side [of the white pants] prohibits mobility. They're not as loose as these pants. So maybe DA should blame the pants [laughing]."

The Browns dusted off the brown pants last year for their preseason game against the Giants, but shelved them again after getting drilled in the game. But there's been talk they might resurface this year. They will if Quinn has any say in the matter.


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