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September 17, 2008, 12:47 PM
I'm amused by the Cy Young talk for CC Sabathia. Truly amused and amazed. I've analyzed the 20 series Milwaukee has had since it acquired CC. CC has 14 starts - a sterling 9-1 record and great ERA. However, further analysis of those 20 series reveals some interesting information (which may say more about fired manager Yost than it says about CC). CC's 9 wins came against 9 different teams (Rockies, Reds, Giants, Cards, Braves, Nats, Padres, Astros and Pirates) - but only 2 of those teams had winning records (Cards and Astros). The combined winning percentage of those 9 teams (today's records): .454. CC has 4 no decisions during that time: 2 games where he was the losing pitcher of record when removed (Cubs and Reds), and 2 games where winning pitcher of record, but his bullpen blew a lead (Pirates and Padres - can't blame him for that). Brewers split those 4 games. And of course, the big loss to the Cubs last night.

Here's where it gets interesting - the 6 series he did NOT pitch in: Astros, Reds, Dodgers, Cards, Mets and Phillies. Combined winning percentage of those teams: .525 (.538 if you throw out the Reds). 5 of 6 of those teams have winning records and 4 of them are in the playoff hunt. In other words, his 9 wins have come against mainly patsies; his lone loss against the Cubs; in most series where he could have faced a potentially tougher opponent, he did not pitch. In the Brewers last ten series, he has 2 wins, 1 loss, 4 did not pitch, and 3 no decisions (his team did win 2 of those 3 games). Don't know what to make of it other than perhaps Ned Yost didn't know how to juggle his lineup to get his ace against teams he HAD to beat. In those 6 series where he did not pitch, his team went 4-13. You don't think another win or two during those 6 series would have kept Yost his job?

Certainly impressed with the 9-1 record, but would like to see what he would have done up against more of the NL's best - Dodgers, Mets, Phillies. We know what he did against the Cubs: 1 loss, 1 removed from game after 6.2 as losing pitcher of record. Perhaps that 9-1 is not as stellar as we might think.


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