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August 27, 2009, 01:51 PM
If any Canadian hockey fans need furthere proof that Gary Bettman and his gang of Nazi owners hate us, their resolve to keep the Coyotes out of Canada at any cost, is becomes evident with their bid to buy the Coyotes. This is a slap to very Canadian Hockey fan, regardless of what our team loyalties may be. I include the Canadian team owner (nazis) who would much rather see a large Franchise fee line their pockets with the sale of the franchise to a new owner, rather than see the transfer of the franchise to say Hamilton, Ont. It is a well known fact that hockey is a second class sport in the usa.....most tv viewers just don't get it, yet BETTMAN et al still continue to sell the game to communities and fans such as now exist in Phoenix....when are these guys going to get it that they are wasting their time trying to either stay in Phoenix and or some other tropical mecca (Las Vegas)....these guys have no use for fans...they want hockey revenue from tv, radio and other commercial ventures (jersey sales etc)....they hate fans.....they get in the way of making big money....they hate fans so much it is getting to the point in most areas where fans can't afford the tickets....they have to be sold to corporations so they can write off the cost of their tickets as a legitimate business expense. Fans don't count....I say we start a movement to get rid of BETTMAN who has done nothing more than destroy hockey.......fans unite....
October 23, 2010  09:04 PM ET

it's got Winnipeg fans seeing [red]RED[/red]

October 23, 2010  09:04 PM ET

it's got Winnipeg fans seeing [red]RED[/red]

Okay that's not it

October 25, 2010  12:28 AM ET

Okay that's not it

lol nice try

October 25, 2010  01:50 PM ET

the whole charade will just go full circle again after a few years. the team will fold again and will look for another bailout/new owner. the coyotes are averaging about 8,000 fans a night these days

October 26, 2010  11:03 AM ET

They just need to go back to Canada. 'nuff said.

October 28, 2010  10:08 AM ET

Don't forget about Kansas City. Our brand new arena, entertainment district, and 2 million potential fans are waiting for Betteman to fulfill his promises. We've already been used by the Penguins, Predators and Islanders to get new stadium deals. We're more than ready for our own team. The box suits are already sold out, pending the move of a NHL team. The people here are rabid about sports and will be rabid about hockey as well. Right now, its tough because the NHL's TV deal doesn't even allow us to see 99% of the games. I didn't even get to watch two of the Stanley Cup games because they were on the Versus Network, which we don't get here. However, that hasn't stopped us from building youth arenas around the metro area and establishing youth hockey. We've done our part. Its time for the NHL to step up!


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