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September 30, 2008, 04:47 PM
This is the message that the national public needs to understand. I find it short-sided that a program like BYU gets lumped into the same ???non-BCS/Independent??? category time and time again with schools like Idaho, Buffalo, and Louisiana-Monroe. Unfortunately, the only definition for BCS / Non-BCS today is conference affiliation. But if you look at the bigger picture the public will find that BYU is more of a BCS school than 50% of the BCS schools are.

You may understand this point, because you follow college football closely. But the general public does not, and it???s getting progressively worse every season. For example, BYU???s state of the art practice facilities are some of the nicest in the country. BYU???s average attendance of almost 65,000 people ranks 25th in country, ahead of schools like West Virginia, Arizona State, Oregon, Maryland, Miami, Missouri, and over 20,000 people more than the next largest Non-BCS average attendance of Utah. In only the last 40 years BYU has claimed a National Championship (disputed or not), 23 conference championships, 26 bowl games, a Heisman Trophy winner, two Outland Trophy winners, four Davy O???Brien winners, a Doak Walker winner, 28 All-Americans, 108 players drafted into the NFL, and those are just the major recognitions. The next closest ???Non-BCS??? program can only claim a fraction of this success (trust me...I looked it up).

Now don???t get me wrong, I???m not claiming that BYU???s program is in the same league as USC, Oklahoma, Ohio State, etc. But what defines whether a program is ???major??? or ???mid-major??? is completely skewed. Because the general public is so reliant on using conference affiliation to define which schools are ???big??? and which ones are ???small,??? BYU has been put in a bucket that they simply do not belong in. My request to you is to help the general public understand that BYU is essentially a competitive BCS program, stuck in a Non-BCS stereotype.

P.S. the argument of how BYU would compete with a PAC 10 or Big 12 schedule doesn't hold any water, because you're evaluating how a MWC recruited BYU team would compete during a full season against BCS recruited teams. If BYU was to get the top LDS (mormon church) athletes in the country, they would consistently have one of the top 15 recruiting classes in the nation. The primary reason that they lose some of those kids to Oregon, USC, UCLA, etc. is because BYU is only in the MWC and UCLA is in the mighty PAC 10 (which would be a big deal to me as well). You take that major selling point away from the PAC 10, and BYU begins to get more of those kids, now you can measure how THAT team would play in a full PAC 10 or Big 12 schedule. You can't compare an Acura against a Mercades, unless the Acura has full access to the Mercades parts to speak.


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