NCAAF  > Michigan Wolverines  > Tate Forcier is better than Than Terelle Pryor
September 7, 2009, 11:47 AM
He may not be taller or faster, but he is better. Tate has superb accuracy and poise, something Pryor lacks big time. OSU could barely keep NAVY away from Pryor. What will they do against USC?
September 12, 2010  11:41 AM ET

Well, Pat White made it through, he isn't a starter, but I think he could one day become an NFL starter.I love Tate a lot, probably my favorite player in all college football besides Andrew Luck and Toby Gerhart. However, calling him better than Pryor at this point in his career is a stretch to say the least.


September 12, 2010  11:46 AM ET

Denard Robinson - or should I start a new thread?

September 12, 2010  02:20 PM ET

Denard Robinson - or should I start a new thread?

Yes. "Denard Robinson Deserves The Heisman!"

And if he continues to play like he has in the first two games, it might be accurate.

September 12, 2010  02:55 PM ET

Actually, I think Rich Rod has this all wrong. Michigan only converted on 3 third downs yesterday. Robinson is the real deal, no doubt. But he's playing the wrong position. Forcier is still an incredibly gifted quarter back. True, he struggled down the stretch last year, but let's not forget he was a true freshman and his supporting cast wasn't exactly stellar. He's a better passer, he scrambles well, can stay in the pocket if need be, throws on the run exceptionally well, and can run for big gains. A Robinson he is not, but he should definitely be starting somewhere (if he's not going to be playing for Michigan). If this is my team, I find a way to play both players. There's a couple different angels you can take on this one, but the one that stands out to me is put Forcier in there at QB and have Robinson in there as a Percy Harvin of sorts. You could do all kinds of crazy plays. You could do reverses to Robinson, dump offs to Robinson, or even direct snaps to Robinson. What's that?? A wide receiver on a reverse throwing down field to a wide open receiver?? Yeah...crazy possibilities here. Michigan will win a lot of games this year with Robinson at QB, but they don't stand a chance against the top teams. Robinson had over 500 yards of total offense and Michigan still almost lost. And Notre Dame was without their starting QB for most of the first half. And it's not all the defense's fault either (though the secondary was about as bad as I've ever seen a secondary play). Michigan couldn't finish off drives inside of Notre Dame's 50. Why? Because as great as Robinson is, he can't do it all himself. In football, you can put up all the ridiculous numbers you want, but it doesn't matter unless you can translate it into wins. Robinson was inches away from breaking both Michigan and Big Ten records and still losing. And if you think Michigan will continue to be this one dimensional against your Ohio States and such, you have another thing coming. That's not to say that Robinson can't play QB or shouldn't be considered for the Heisman, because I think he should given his "out of this earth" performances. But if Michigan wants a legitimate chance of upsetting Ohio State this year, Forcier will have to be part of it. At the very least, Forcier should be in there when quick scores are needed. The 87 yard run was nice, but he's not going to do that every time there's 2 minutes left to go in the half or the game. Forcier on the other hand is exactly who Rich Rod should want in there when there's 2 minutes left and you're at your own 10. Just my thoughts.

September 16, 2011  02:32 PM ET

I agree Tate is currently the better college QB!

December 1, 2013  08:38 AM ET



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