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September 15, 2009, 09:12 AM
Well, another season - another loss...

Although I must admit - that one was a heartbreaker. NOBODY foresaw the Bills taking it to the Patriots that way. Still - the Bills failed to bring it home in the last two minutes.

The good:
Trent Edwards seemed fairly on top of his game. I didn't see any true howlers in hte way of "what were you thinking?!?" type of decision making. There's a glimmer of hope there.

Offense: For a bunch of new meat - the Offensive line certainly managed to keep the Patriots away from Edwards. Jackson also played impressively well. All in all - while there are still a few rough spots - the Offense is looking pretty good.

Defense: What can I say, really? They held up against Brady and the Patriots for 50+ minutes of the game. While they got shredded the last couple minutes of the game - they still managed to keep the score close against ALL expectations. Good job guys!

The bad:
*nods head sadly* McKelvin, McKelvin, McKelvin... Why?
I'm gonna have to ding you for a lack of awareness. Either of your position on the field CATCHING the kick - or of the Bills position on the scoreboard. I know you're a super runback guy - but sometimes discretion IS the better part of valor. There are times when "protection" is the name of the game. That was one of them...

Teamwide - penalties guys! You can't give up almost a 100 yards of penalties and expect to win easily. I know they were rookie mistakes for some of you - please learn from them now...

T.O. - I know you are a " 'leet supastar". Please try to catch like it? Bobbles and drops are NOT the way to encourage the QB to toss stuff your way. Buffalo is a blue collar town - you gotta *earn* the trust of the team... Catch a few of the dribs and drabs in short yardage situations, then we'll talk about deep threat stuff...

Overall - I'll admit to being surprised. I, like most, expected to see the Bills get murdered again on Monday night. Instead, I saw a very impressive game. The Bills managed to keep ahead of the Pats until literally the last minute - not bad at all. Keep up the good work guys... If you can learn from your mistakes, keep your hands on the ball, and stay healthy - I think the season may have potential after all.


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