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September 16, 2009, 01:22 AM
Yes, Serena behavior was out of line. However I am just like the chair ump. I didn't hear what she said, nor did I see her get in the line judge face or personal space. Yes I saw her waving her racket, but it wasn't toward the line judge. It wasn't until the chair ump ask the line judge whats going on? did the line judge get up from her seat, and addressed the chair? If I was that line judge, and Serena wanted too ??? I would have reacted right away It was very clear that she was acting a fool. Just like the great players before her. By the way did anyone see Mr. COOL FED. LOSE HIS COOL? Was he fined? Why should Senera be the first tennis player to give an apology for a bad call? After all the U.S. Open have a bad histroy with bad calls on the sisters. Maybe Senera should play in the ATP, no one seems to care about when they act up. The bottom line is. she could have done better, but she is a great player and have impacted the game of tennis in a great way. If you are a real tennis fan, than you know Serena is always the last American player standing in both the ATP and WTA at any tennis game! and she sell out seats!and we should always support her when she play. It is to bad the news is all about her meltdown, and not what Kim have done, even Serena said how great Kim played, but no one wanted to hear that at the press conf. reports wanted to talk about her melt down . She was fined, and all the bad press, will maker her think about your actions, and the next time we see her play, she will be a changed player. I will still pay to see her play and root for her. For those who are holding up stars as role models ( no star should not be a role model for kids, not woods, jeter, jordan. r MS. O or that weed head micheal. real people that children have contact with like teachers, parents ,our vets and our men and women serving our country these are our real stars) SO LETS MOVE ON!
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