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September 21, 2009, 03:38 PM
Let's be serious for a minute. Mayweather just beat Marquez, a guy who faught two great battles with PAC, yet Marquez was fighting at only 130 lbs less then 18 months ago. They agree to meet at a catch weight since Mayweather is the bigger, stronger, and arguably faster guy! Mayweather then misses the pre-fight weigh-in weight by 2 lbs which is a huge different with regards to all muscle!!! He only manages to put the much smaller man down ONE time. PAC did it twice in the second fight, maybe even twice in the first.

Next comparison, Marquez hadn't proved himself as being able to pushup in weight and beat bigger fighters and yet Mayweather hand picked him to fight stating that in his opinion Marquez was better then PAC because floyd said so, floyd said, "I think Marquez won those fights." So he does the usual and makes excuses for his fight choices. Now, we all know he is flat out ignoring Mosley because Mosley is very nearly his speed and packs much more Power then Floyd! Mosley hasn't been shy about calling him out lately either! Floyd will avoid that fight!

PAC, he did prove himself stepping up and destroying Dela Hoya, people said Oscar was washed, but that isn't the point, Oscar said, "He was so fast I thought I was fighting ten of him, I was looking at a punch over here, I got hit from over there." Then PAC beat Hatton in two rounds (Hatton barely survived round 1). It took "Money" 10 rounds to finish Hatton and that was only after he did his usual of wearing him down by BOXING in and out and frustrating Hatton. Hatton was considered premiere at 140 and he also moved up to fight Floyd where Floyd was comfortable knowing he had the advantage. Another fight PICKED by Floyd.

Now, if PAC easily or even decisively handles Cotto then I would be willing to bet that Floyd doesn't want that fight with PAC. In recent interviews he has been quoted saying, "I don't need Pac-man, Pac-man needs me!" He will have some pretty excuse that he will sell and his fans will once again buy, about why there is another better fight for him.

I can here it now, well, Berto is unblemished just like me, he is a young and strong pup! He would make a good fight for me. He is a better fight for me...blah blah blah!

Floyd has TWo current possible challenges and I think if he takes either fight, my "Money" is on the other guy!

Pretty surprising from an MMA guy huh? Actually, growing up my dad made me breath boxing, if it was on any channel repeat or not then that's what we watched period!


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