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September 21, 2009, 09:34 PM
Well, another week in the books, and I sit here trying to figure out what it exactly was that I saw last night.

First, watching that game as a Cowboys fan was about as enjoyable as I imagine sitting on a porcupine would be. All I can say is "WOW". We had moments where we were SO dominant, that the Giants literally looked bad, then 2 or 3 plays later, we're still only a few points ahead, or were trailing again due to a missed coverage, stupid penalty, or dumb turnover.

So, here first official week of Bill's High Fives and Dunce Hats.

First Dunce hat goes to.....tada....Jason Garrett! What kind of milk-toast play calling was that in the first quarter? I don't think we attempted ONE pass over 15 yards the entire thing. We opened the game with 3 short passes (for a quick 3 and out)? Almost every 3rd down was some sort of short passing play against a defense that is known for speedy play. Then I watch in the 4th, as Tony Romo sets up for the play that was aptly dubbed "the punt interception", and noticed that SAM HURD was WR2 in a 2 wideout set?!?!?! WTF?!?!

Second Dunce hat....duh....Tony Romo. Tony brought a true F game to the table last night. The first pick was nowhere near anyone but Giants, who happily took the 7 point offering. The int off Witten's foot....what can I say about that....6'6", 265lbs worth of sure handed, athletic target, and you hit him in the foot! And how bout the Punt Int? MAYBE if Austin had been in the game, he would have had a chance of completing that pass. Looked like a 2nd down punt...right when NY needed a lift. He looked like jumpy all night....even with virtually NO pass rush to speak of from NY.

Third Dunce hat goes to...Terence Newman. He either got burned or committed penalties at ALL the wrong times last night. He looked slow on the ball all night. Played very average against a bunch of relatively average WRs NY has. That pass interference penalty in the 4th was the icing on the did he think he would NOT get called on that? He looks, sees the ball, then turns right into the WR.

The Fourth Dunce had goes to...hell, the whole defense, and Philips. With 2 games so far with ZERO sacks and an average of over 430 yards per game allowed (Not to mention 28 points), this group looked LOST against a team they should have been able to handle. We stop the run pretty well this week, but get torched by the pass again! I don't know if it was Philips' play calling or just simply terrible execution, but our Defense looked pee wee league bad. This group's gotta figure out how to get some pressure on the QB, as the DBs are playing SO poorly right now, I think just about ANY QB is looking at the week we play them, and licking his chops. Jake Delhomme's probably excited to come to Cowboys Stadium this coming weekend!


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