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September 24, 2009, 02:52 PM
This isn't a thread about poor draft picks. Phil Savage didn't just make bad selections. He traded away future picks to make those poor selections - picks that as it turned out weren't his to give.

As I read that Martin Rucker was released, it made me realize some of the Browns faithful don't understand exactly what Savage gave up to get Rucker. I read things like, "what do you expect for a 4th rounder". How many Browns fans realize Savage gave up your 2009 3rd round pick to select Rucker? Do you guys recall why you didn't have a 1st, 2nd or 3rd round pick?

An analysis of the Martin Rucker pick and others ....

Brady Quinn 2007 ??? The Browns traded away their 2008 first round pick to move from #36 to #21 to select Quinn.

Analysis ??? Had they not moved up they may have had a chance to select Brady Quinn without going anywhere. Other NFL starters available at #36 include Eric Weddle S, Justin Blalock OG, Tony Ugoh OT, LaMarr Woodley OLB, David Harris ILB, Steve Smith WR (NYG).

NFL starters available the following year with the First rounder they gave up include Felix Jones RB, Chris Johnson RB, Duane Brown OT, Antoine Cason CB, Dustin Keller TE, Kenny Phillips S.

Synopsis: Instead of Brady Quinn the Browns could have Justin Blalock at RG, and Chris Johnson as their RB or David Harris at ILB and Kenny Phillips at Safety.

Corey Williams 2008 ??? The Browns traded away their 2008 Second round pick for their current backup DE. NFL players available with the #56 pick include Mike Pollack OG, Martellus Bennett TE, Kevin Smith RB, Kendall Langford DE, Tavares Gooden ILB.

Analysis ??? Corey Williams will be cut in 4 months. He???s only a Brown because his 2009 salary was guaranteed. Instead of trading for Williams, the Browns could have a promising young starting 3-4 DE under contract for two more years.

Shaun Rogers 2008 ??? The Browns traded away their 2008 Third round pick and Leigh Bodden for Rogers. Players available with the #87 pick include Steve Slaton RB, Marcus Harrison DT, Jermichael Finley TE, Cliff Avril OLB, Mario Manningham WR, Chad Rinehart OG.

Analysis ??? Shaun Rogers is a First half phenom and a Second half ghost. He???s had stamina problems since he entered the league. The Browns rush defense has gotten statistically worse since he was signed. His cap number increases by 4.5M in 2010 to 8M. This may be his last year in Cleveland.

The Browns would be a better team RIGHT NOW with Leigh Bodden at CB and Cliff Avril at OLB.

Beau Bell 2008 ??? The Browns traded away their Fifth round selection to the Cowboys to move from #122 to #104 in the Fourth round to select Beau Bell. Beau Bell was projected as a Fifth round pick. There was no reason to move.

Available at #122 f Bell was actually gone was Tashard Choice RB, Tim Hightower RB. Available with the pick he gave away at #155 was Kellen Davis TE, Josh Johnson QB, Josh Morgan WR, Jalen Pamelee RB.

Analysis ??? Beau Bell was labeled as a guy with no heart and a learning disability. There???s nothing wrong with taking a shot at him. He may still have an NFL future at LB but why move up and forfeit a 5th round pick to move up for him? If he's there he's there.

Tashard Choice looks like a heck of a football player.



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