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October 15, 2009, 03:02 PM
aahhhh hockey season...lets talk some smack...

this is how i view that wack hawk team

Um for all the Red Wings haters and Hawk lovers....

1) The Red Wings top two lines, barely played in the pre-season, due to injuries and have only played 5 games together (two of them being over-seas in a diff environment)
2) The Red Wings first three lines either have one or two new players on it. With that said, being 2-3 the first 5 games as a completly new unit, is acceptable, considering 2 of the 3 losses came from across the pond.
3) The Blackhawks are good, Ill admit that, but they will always blow while they have Joel Q. as their head coach. He is continusly outplayed by Detroit and outsmarted by Babcock. Dont believe me? Look at his record vs. Detroit, and look at his PLAYOFF record vs. Detroit
4) The Hawks are capped locked for the year, so bringing in a goalie (bc huet and nittmi sp? blow) is out of the equation, unless you want to unload one or two forwards, OR unload a top four dman to an already weak defensive club.
5) The Hawks outplayed, outhustled, and out hit the wings the first game this year. But who won? thats right the wings did? Why? well Detroit has and will always have your number...Maybe its the Joel Q Effect
6) Nice call on Hawks fans to think Kopecky was good.... AHHAH no wonder the wings didnt mention jack squat about the loss of him...Nice goose egg and -5 to start the season. Makes me think the hawks signed him only bc hossa wanted him around. why? fellow countrymen, and the truth that Kopecky wouldnt start for detroit again...ever
7) AAAA now to that Hossa guy...ya ya ya he is great, scores goals, big prescense on the ice, but there are a few things that need to be said about this guy 1) hes all offense and will make your team all offense- why was it that the wings let in almost 70 more goals than their average over the past 10 years last yr?? hmmm....HOSSSSSSA.....2) The wings have his number, they know his traits, his shots, and his weaknessess. Dont believe me? Re watch the pens wings series again, and you'll see that detroit is very capable of doing the same thing.

Give the wings 5 more games, and you'll see them again at the top. Why so cocky? Bc no team has done that for the past 14 years..


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