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October 17, 2009, 11:52 PM
The C.O.T. was suppose to make it esier to pass and bring the field close together and so far it is a complete failure. And what about it making it more competetive? Seems to me that the SAME drivers are winning the races, or should I say driver?

Sure, give credit where credit is due, but I am tired of seeing the same outcome every week in the chase. Even if I were a Johnson fan I would view it as being a joke, is there any hope in having SOMONE take him out?

There is NO way one team can dominate like this. And that is why I think Nacscar is a joke. I am not a conspirasy theory kind of guy, but what in the F. U. C. K. Is going on here?

I will end this rant by saying. F. U. C. K. Nascar and F. U. C. K. Jimmy Johnson.
October 27, 2010  03:27 AM ET

The truth to the matter is, Toyota did not have a intermediate sedan that they could enter that was large enough on it's factory platform to compete with the Chevrolets and the Fords and the Dodges.The goal of Nascar was to fleece as many rubes as possible and get the most amount of money in the quickest amount of time.Toyota had already ruined Formula 1 with all their crap and now they had their sites set on Nascar.The young kids of today cannot relate to a 3000 lbs stock car. All they know is these little cars their moms drove them to and from soccer practice in and where they made their first dope deals. Honda Accords, Dodge Neon, Chevrolet Caviler, only none of those cars are big enough to compete in Nascar.So they took the bodies out of the Equation and they added a spoiler to the front of the car that they thought would make it look cool, like a skate board and they took away the spoilers from the back and added wings and they totally ruined the look of all the race cars on the track.You now have to look at what color and what number the car is to know - maybe who is driving it. Back in the day if it was black and white and had a number 3 on it - you knew who drove that car - The Intimidator.A couple more years and they will all be racing skate boards and riding lawnmowers.

Ah, yes Dale the intimidator. Liked to hit other cars, huh? Say, what ever happened to him? Sometimes paybacks get very serious. My hat is off to the driver who put him in the wall at Daytona.


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