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October 25, 2009, 12:37 PM
It's sad to see, but the Knicks are a one trick pony that won't and can't make it in the NBA. Not now, and probably not ever. The gameplan is flawed, and horribly so.

The problem with this team, is that it is no differant from last season. The gameplan hasn;t changed a the players haven't changed, so why in the world will the season be any differant? This team is all jumpshot and no post. They live and die by the jumper, and with absolutely no low post big man, they have no second option. In addition, they still have no shotblocker, and not so great transition defense.

They should have gotten Rick Carlisle instead of Mike D'antonni. They should have drafted a shotblocker last year when there was Robin & Brook Lopez, Roy Hibbert, Deandre Jordan available. Then maybe this year they would have a better defense, and a defensive minded head coach.

Next year they have no draft (1st rounder), and even the next season, there are no centers on the radar as decent rebounders and shot blockers. So hers the deal, something needs to be done. Either fire the coach or trade for a center. Eddy Curry isn't coming back, at least not to beig a low post scorer, maybe a bench rotational player, Darko won't be good unless he gets extended minutes to play.

I say trade Nate Robinson for a legitimate center. Nates gonna walk next season for free, maybe Walsh can trade him for a center. I think Roy Hibbert (who lead the preseason in shot blocking 4bpg), or Deandre Jordan o the Clippers. The Clips have Jordan, Camby, and Chris Kaman playing center already, and Blake Griffin at PF. They can let go of a big man to give more minutes to Blake.

I'm tired of seeing a team that can't play defense, and contiues to ignore shotblockers. Fire D'antoni, and hire Avery Johnson or Sam Mitchell. Even look into getting Jeff Vangundy back. Dantonni and the Knicks this deade have been an embarassment to me. Not because they are losing, but because they are defensive puppets. D'antonni is not the answer and more offense for no defense is not the answer. Fix this! Trade for a real center, and now. Then maybe Lebron or Bosh will want to come net year.


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