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November 2, 2009, 10:51 AM
It's a foregone conclussion that Favre is going into Canton, Ohio when his playing days are finally over...and yes, that day WILL eventually come.

His entry is so secure that I need not mention the qualifiers.

It has also been a foregone conclussion that he's going in as a Green Bay Packer. After all, he's spent all but two years there so that's how he'll go in.

Not so fast my friend!

While the NFL places the names of all the teams for whom you've played on your bust, only the one with whom you've spent the most time is listed in BOLD while the others are in normal type.

There is precedent for players to go in with other teams if they have a personal reason to do so.

Examples....Bobby Lane went in as one of my beloved Steelers, not as a Lion where he spent more time and had more success.

Reggie White spent more time with the Eagles, but went in as a Packer.

Yesterday Brett Favre was booed.

Yes, BOOED at Lambeau. While I understand him not being cheered and the Packer faithful backing their own, I felt that booing him was way out of line. This man gave you a decade and a half of thrilling football, division titles, playoff wins and a Lombardi. He wanted to come back but your owner wouldn't let him.

He still wanted to play and I can't blame him...neither can you. The odds of making the NFL are astronomical and most don't. That Favre can still play at this level after all these years is a testament to his abilities. He loves the game of football and it shows. Where you and I see multi-million dollar stadiums, Brett sees a sandlot.

He kept playing and went to the Jets. After that the Vikings wanted him and who could blame them. Look at the wins he's given them this year. He's making the passes they brought him in to make. The very ones your owner no longer thought he could.

He's done to you what your owner didn't think he could do anymore - win.

Right now the Vikings are sitting two - three counting the tie breaker with the sweep - games above you in the division with 8 to go.

Yes, most of his success was with the Packers - a franchise I actually like because it's blue collar much like my Steelers - but remember that he could choose to go into Canton as a Viking. If he no longer feels welcome in Green Bay and fans go overboard with the protesting, he might feel more welcome elsewhere and choose to head into the HoF wearing purple instead of green.

Don't say it could never happen, because it could. It IS an option open to him and one that he might take.


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