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November 4, 2009, 03:03 PM
Let's face it. the Big Ten is Overrated this year. Iowa is a national title contender? Give me a freaking break. Penn State hasn't played anyone... well they played iowa who needs to block field goals against high school teams. Ohio State got beat by overrated USC, who can barely beat Overrated Notre Dame and Oregon State.

USC is defintitely overrated. look at what Oregron did to them! And Oregon couldn't get a first down against Boise State in an entire half!! Oregon is the most overrated pretender in the overrated PAC 10. Who else can play in the PAC 10? When your third best team is Stanford, you suck.

And don't get me started on Texas. Yea they beat overrated Oklahoma by something like 3/4 of a point on a neutral field. If you take away the 3 points normally given to home teams, both teams lost that game. Who else does the Big 12 have? Oklahoma State... they beat an overrated Georgia team then LOST to HOUSTON. Hello? Houston lost to UTEP. Texas Tech, Nebraska, and Mizzou have all disappointed as well.

On to the SEC... without Percy Harvin, Tim Tebow looks lost. I heard Tim screaming "Percy? Where are you? The Heisman people keep calling and asking for their trophy back. What should I do?" No, Tim... that's not Percy over there. That's Mississippi State. Alabama: lets' all take our hats off to a great Alabama kicker. OOPS!!! 15 yard penalty!!! The Tide think the 25 yard line is just far enough, thank you very much. "We'll take a knee, call time out and kick the game winner." Ummm, coach saban... It's the first quarter. "That's ok. We don't need touchdowns anymore." Florida and Alabama are overrated.

Big East or ACC... do I really need to bother?

Here's my new rankings.

1: N/A
2: N/A
3: Florida
4: N/A
5: Texas
6: N/A
7: Alabama
8: N/A
9: N/A
10: Iowa
10T: Cincinnati
10T: TCU
10T: Boise State
14: N/A
15: Oregon
16: LSU
17: Georgia Tech
18: N/A
19: Penn State
20: USC
21: N/A
22: N/A
23: N/A
24: N/A
25: N/A

Others receiving votes: None

There. Now everyone is appropriately ranked. Arbi should be happy. What are your overrated rankings?


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