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November 17, 2009, 12:39 PM
Reasons getting Iverson is a great Idea:

1. Iverson is a leader. The Knicks have a lot of role players, but no leader. Iverson has had alot of pros and cons throughout his career, but a major point is he comes to play, and he plays hard consistently. That is what the team needs, a guy on the floor to lead them. A guy that wants to take the last shot at the end of the game. I think he gives this team the attitude you want. Someone who will literally sacrifice his body for the game.

2. Even at his age, his playmaking and especially defense is superior to Chris Duhon,Nate Robinson, and Toney Douglas. While Iverson might hot 40% a game, Duhon is 0-8 far too often in the stat sheet.

3. Chris Duhon is at his best as a backup and not a starter. He wore down last year with starters minutes. He and Iverson could split the time almost down the middle and be fresh at the end of the season.

4. Iverson is a pretty good perimeter defender. Not as good as he was, but he has averaged close to 2 steals a game for a career. On a team thats been surrendering over 50% field goal percentage, an extra defensive perimeter defender is a step in the right direction. Iverson, Larry Hughes, and Toney Douglas all put in effort defensively. Now they just need some post defense.

5. The guy can shoot (when open)or take it to the rack. If Eddy Curry can score a few points in the post, the Knicks have perimeter scorers in Gallo, Iverson, and Nate. They also have guys that can get to the basket and score, or draw fouls in Iverson, and Chandler. That makes the team more rounded in ways it can score as opposed to shooting 20 foot jumpers with a hand in your face. I for one am tired of the 1 trick poney Knickerbockers.

6. I know I said 5, but this is important. I like Iverson. He's one of my favorite 5 players of the past 20 YEARS. He's exciting, charasmatic, and you want to root for the little guy with the big heart. If he dons a Knick uniform I'm tuning in to watch it. If he's at the Garden fans are in the seats, and people are watching MSG. He is a fan favorite of the decade, and I'd love to see it happen.

Here's the lineup/rotation I want to see.

C Eddy Curry (If he can bring a fraction of his low post game for 20 min a night)
PF David Lee (The guy is a good PF, not a good center)
SF Danilo Galanari (shooter, and he's getting better)
SG Larry Hughes (Good all around player, jack of all trades)
PG Alan Iverson (leader, passionate player, let him start and look out)

Bench (6th man)

C Darko Milicic, Jared Jeffries (Darko is big, and he's more of a PF)
PF Al Harrington (Scoring punch off the bench, rebounding has improved)
SF Wilson Chandler (less pressure to perform coming off the bench)
SG Nate Robinson, Toney Douglas (Nate can score, good sparkplug)
PG Chris Duhon (his natural role, will play better when not the starting PG)

You'll notice I left Jordan Hill of the list. It's because h's not good. Can the team send him to the D-league? He does need to develop and thats what its there for. Get him stronger, let him play more minutes, get his post up game going more than his jumpshot. Maybe he'll be more prepared after a season of D-leaguing it.


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