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October 14, 2008, 04:31 AM
There are obvious selections such as Penn State-Linebacker U, and I'm not sure many would question that one, but a lot of schools have a case at being "QB U" or "RB U". Which schools would you consider for each of the following nicknames...

RB U (FB U for extra credit, as it's kind of a dying position...)
DL U (I think "DE" and "DL" should be different categories, as the DE is the "glamour position" on the DL and is used in a variety of ways while the D Line stays pretty steady)
CB U/Safety U/DB U
February 15, 2011  10:43 AM ET

Anyone want to update the list...I would place TOSU at TatU!

February 15, 2011  11:58 AM ET

The only 2 positions I have any opinion on are

RB U ->> USC has something like 4 Heismans from that position.
LB U -> No one else's LB's compare with Alabama. Sorry.

February 15, 2011  03:34 PM ET

Still think LSU has the DL & WR positions in the top 3 nationally.

We have had excellent LB's but not an anyway compared to other schools.

As of late, and not mentioned as a category here FB: I will go Jacob Hester (San Diego) and Quinn Johnson (Green Bay)

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February 15, 2011  04:10 PM ET

I will still defend the Linebacker U, if no one else will.

Great NFL Guys in 2010:
Tamba Hali ??? Kansas City Chiefs ??? defensive end/linebacker, #91
Paul Posluszny ??? Buffalo Bills ??? linebacker, #51

Young but potential:
Dan Connor ??? Carolina Panthers - linebacker, #57
Navorro Bowman ??? San Francisco 49ers - linebacker, #53
Sean Lee - Dallas Cowboys - linebacker, #45

Decent, not great:
Bryan Scott ??? Buffalo Bills ??? safety, linebacker, #43

Probably Worthless:
Josh Hull - St. Louis Rams - linebacker #56
Tim Shaw ??? Tennessee Titans ??? linebacker, #57

it's not a bad list.

February 15, 2011  04:38 PM ET

Arrington (Dick Butkus Award, 1999)Paul Posluszny (Dick Butkus Award, 2005, 2006)Dan Connor (Dick Butkus Award 2007)

Wiki says that Posluszny did not win it in 2006 - Wiki says Patrick Willis won it from Ole Miss.
And that in 2007 Laurinaitis won it not Dan Connor.

I wonder if that poster meant they were finalists in those years? If we're going by Butkus, Oklahoma guys have won it 4 times. But, it was instituted in 1985, so it is not a end-all, be-all for Linebackers.

Nothing against Posluszny because it sounds like he's a good ski and that's all right in my book.

February 15, 2011  05:04 PM ET

Don't we need FSU for Kicker U? :)

We are getting there. Janikowski and Gano both won the Groza. We are the only school to win more than one and we have three because Janikowski won it twice. Our current kicker Hopkins could win it one day. He has a huge leg. Maybe one day we will laugh in the face of all those wide rights and left.

February 15, 2011  05:35 PM ET

OL - Ill cheat and say the Big 10 conf.

OL - TSUN...more recently Wisky has overtaken them.

February 15, 2011  07:44 PM ET

Position U? Is this about Sex Education? If so, I'm all in......

February 15, 2011  09:06 PM ET

Position U? Is this about Sex Education? If so, I'm all in......

Morehead State!

February 15, 2011  09:20 PM ET

Morehead State!

I was thinking Missionary Position would be Baylor. No Position would be BYU.

Any Position would be TU...any others? anything about sheep?

February 16, 2011  03:48 AM ET

QB-USC, Miami, or BYU
RB-Miami, Auburn, Georgia, Oklahoma State
WR- Miami, Ohio State
TE-Miami, Arizona State, USC
OL- this is a tough one
DL- North Carolina, Miami, Florida, Texas
LB- Florida State, PSU, USC, Miami
CB-Miami, Florida State
Safeties-Miami hands down

One homer's opinion on his team and this list-

QB- No way USC. Palmer's probably the best of the lot, and I doubt he makes the top-50 all time. (How can you not include Alabama with Namath, Stabler and Bart Starr?)

RB- Lack of recency would hurt, but all-time USC should be on the short list with 12 CFB HOFers (3 made it to the NFL HOF).

TE- This should be a list of one- Miami.

OL- Former Pro Bowlers Ron Yary, Anthony Munoz, Bruce Matthews, Ron Mix, Tony Boselli, Marvin Powell, Mike McKeever, among others plus 5 current NFL starters.

LB- Hard to pick one school, but I agree USC should be on the list.

Safeties- Willie Wood, Ronnie Lott and Polamalu among the best ever. Tim McDonald wasn't too bad, either.

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February 16, 2011  06:03 AM ET

FSU kickers will always be remembered for 'wide right' and 'wide left' against Miami

You realize that there are only 3 paths a football can take on a 'missed fg' attempt, right?

1. short (uncommon)
2. wide right
3. wide left

February 16, 2011  08:16 AM ET

Arkansas is the "cant win the big one U"........

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February 16, 2011  12:35 PM ET

Baylor would be Missionary Position U. If Baylor girls did. Which I hear they don't.I'm told that the majority of BYU girls do, but that's a function of the high number of married students. I assume that's mostly missionary position as well.

You know they like to give it away right b4 they are getting married...BYU

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February 17, 2011  10:47 AM ET

AL is Nick Saban U ! ! ! ! !

February 17, 2011  11:58 AM ET

Shortly after I finished school, I had a co-worker who was a Baylor grad. She bristled at "Baylor girls don't", said the slogan should have been "Baylor girls would if only Baylor boys knew how."I chose not to ask any follow-up questions on that one.

Sounds like she regrets her choice of college.


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