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November 23, 2009, 01:30 AM
I love the Bears. But what I've just witnessed solidified what was already suspected by many, and known by others. This team is mediocre at best. We can't seem to do anything right, or at least with some semblance of consistency. We play well one week, only to get gashed the following week. Our LB corps, which was supposed to be a strength coming into this season, has become a weakness. And Urlacher is one the wrong side of 30. We don't have a great secondary. So much for that smash mouth defense that this team is supposed to be known for.

Now let's get to the offensive side of the ball. Our O-line is one of the worst units being fielded. Pace isn't even half the tackle he once was. Omiyale sucks, Kreutz should retire, and Williams might as well be a rookie. They can't run block, or pass block. But they can do one thing well: They can rake up the penalties better than anyone else. Turner is a joke of an OC. Our WRs, while they do have promise (although I'll say to the day I die that Hester isn't a #1 receiver, and that it was an enormous mistake taking him away from what he did best,) are not on the level of say, Boldin or Moss. We don't have a legitimate stud receiver, someone who forces defenses to double team him not because he's the only weapon, but because of his talent. We need that #1 guy. And without an NFL caliber O-line, Cutler or Forte can hardly do a damn bit of good. And then Cutler tries to do too much, which results in costly interceptions.

Then there's the coaching in general. Lovie would be better suited as a DC, because he sure as **** isn't a great HC. Don't give me the record crap. Anyone who watches this team should see someone who isn't motivating this team. Nobody has any fire, and when someone actually does get heated, they take it out on the wrong people. Yelling at refs, even if they're morally right to do so, isn't going to get you any favors. You should be using that to fire up your team. But Smith should also be doing that. When I watch this squad, I don't see the Bears of legend. I don't see the 85 Bears reincarnated. Instead, I see a mediocre squad getting our **** kicked by inconsistent teams, or just flat out bad teams. If we don't lose to said teams, we almost lose to them. Seahawks spring to mind. This is intolerable. I blame the coaches for this.

That's not to say that Angelo is without blame. He has allowed this team to get into this sorry shape. For years, he has done nothing about the O-line, which allowed the unit to devolve into this crap. Players who were busts here have gone on to shine elsewhere. Now I'm not going to say that Benson is one of those guys, because anyone who watched him here say a spoiled brat with an attitude problem, and no work ethic. He is apparently a different man and player with the Bengals. But we can all name numerous players who have gone to different teams, and have becomes integral parts of their operation. This is Angelo's undoing.

Throw all of that together, and you have a recipe for disaster for years to come. Until we do the right thing, and actually get rid of the people who aren't doing their jobs, we'll become the Bears of not too long ago. And that will be a very sad chapter in our franchise's history indeed.


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