NFL  > Pittsburgh Steelers  > Tim Lumber: Steeler Fans, This was a Hoax! I Never Hated You All! Truth is Revealed!
November 28, 2009, 04:12 AM
This past year I began with only my 2nd column in my life bashing the Steeler fans! Today I will be myself, no more bickering or ranting or raving! The first time I ever was brought on a newspaper, I was asked to play the role of a drunken writer! Even though I drank only once in a blue moon, I decided I could NOT pass up a opportunity to write for the Baltimore Sun(the biggest publication in Maryland).

Still to this day, after going with the druken role, it has kept me from getting the writing jobs I deserve. I do really believe Sam Sessa kinda recked my writing career, after all he made money on it! He could care less Pittsburgh! I am one of the nicest people you fans will ever meet, and dont get me wrong, I hate the Steelers, but its not an obsessive hatred, unless we are playing you!

People have said is this a hoax? To a degree the answer is a Yes and a NO! I never punched a Steeler fan, though I was in some face to face heated arguments with some at the stadium. But I hardly ever drink, I love my family, and since my wife can no longer have any kids(she has kids just not by me) our dog has become like my kid.

I go to work every day, pay my bills, and most of the time I am broke just like all of you. But I heard some people say"If this is a hoax, its one of the best ever!" I am a very confident person. I do really have a hatred competition with every newspaper and magazine writer alive today(well 98% of them ****).

They think they are better than you, me and everyone else! The publicity I was able to get from this campaign has changed media sports writing in the World today. Just about everyone has read one of my stories on one message board or another. Sports writers have started to use humor in there stories on a regular basis. I was the first to say that humor added to stories is the future of writing.

WE live in a lazy society, and not being rude, but in order to get some people to read, (facts are facts, the people being lazy is the reason blogs have gotten smaller)you have to make the story UNFORGETTABLE to some degree. I sat here in awe how you Steeler fans would get so upset. Everything I written, the readers fell into my trap. If I wanted you to call me did! If I wanted to start a did.

I have practiced mental and reverse pyschology tricks growing up as a kid. Most of my stories were the best reverse pyschology tricks on the web(perhaps of all-time). In Baltimore I wanted people to love me, so I wrote with a friendly humor, yet I made people think I was dumb also. It fooled(still does) every newspaper writer and editor in Baltimore.

Only if they knew I want them to think that, I am dumb, but come as a dumb/loveable character. On Steeler message boards I come off as a rude writer. BUT by me using humor and a mixture of anger, it captivated you the reader. I feel this hatred thing with you all is OUTPLAYED, its old news, and it is time to move forward with my writings! I do really hope me Ravens stomp your Steelers, just as you Steeler fans want to stomp my Ravens.

But today, its the last message I write on a Steeler Fan Nation message board! I hope I have entertained you crazy fools this past year. And to you all you dummies who got mad and tried to ignore me....the joke is on YOU! Get a life, dont get so mad over a story, dont jump off of a bridge bucktooth(I had to add bucktooth one last time). Peace and Godbless! Now you Steeler fans have to find someone new to hate lol!


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