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December 12, 2009, 08:02 PM
Does anybody else out there think Phil simms really makes no sense sometimes as an analyst. And he is always against the Dolphins no matter what. This week on Inside the NFL, the hosts posed the question of what team they think can come out of no where to win a wild card spot in the AFC. Simms, comes out and says he thinks the Jets (who the dolphins swept by the way) is the team that might surprise everybody and get the playoff spot. Sapp Chimed in that he agreed. His reasoning was that they were so balanced at defense and running the ball. Chris Collinsworth then stated what about Sanchez (who by the way, I think has not lived up to the hype and might be greatly hindered by an injury) Simms still stated that might be the case but that???s his opinion and stood by his pick. Simms also stated that nothing really stood out for the dolphins as a strong point for them to win there four remaining games. The way I see it is he is picking the jets because of there schedule. Granted the jets might have 4 easier games. But I don???t think there are going to be as easy as the numbers make it seem and I think they will lose two of the four remaining games. Listen as a Miami Dolphin devoted fan I am not saying the Dolphins can't get better at finishing games or better in other areas. But considering what has happened at quarterback, running back and needing another big time wide receiver. I think the dolphins have a better chance than the jets and are right there with the jets as far having a chance to make the playoffs. What a bone head this guy is. He is so transparent on the fact that he favors some teams over others when it comes to his analyzing the game. His picks this season speak really says it all on this guy. I know he was a great quarterback and I remember when he played I thought he was a smart one too. But he is really terrible as far as his commentary and how he sees things in the NFL. I am just wondering if anybody else feels the same or has there own opinion on this guy. Also curious how fans of other teams see it when he comments on there team. I wish him and Dan Derdorf would never do the announcing for the dolphins. I don???t think either guy likes them and there analyzing of the games are horrible. Am I wrong?
October 12, 2011  03:22 PM ET

I would like to know how NFL refs can flag a non-hit (see article) and then ignore it when the Pathers were head-butting each other. Seems to me that they should have gotten at least one flag, maybe for excessive celebration.

CALL OF THE GAME: Referee John Parry's questionable roughing the passer call on
Turk McBride was a gift to the Panthers, who had no chance to convert the third-and-5 pass
and were looking at punting the ball back to the Saints while trailing 23-13 early in third quarter.
McBride and Sedrick Ellis both hit Newton legally while he was passing the ball. Neither player
hit Newton's head or knees. The Panthers scored a touchdown six plays later to pull within a
field goal. Just a bad call.

Jeff Duncan
NO Times-Picayune

October 12, 2011  03:29 PM ET

I don't know if Ya'll do MNF, but ESPN's firing of Hank Jr. was a good example of political correctness gone amok. I wrote ESPN, telling them that I would probably not watch MNF on ESPN except when the Saints are playing. Their response made no sense in light of their firing Hank Jr had nothing to do "with the game", and had everything to do with political correctness. Their reply:

Dear Tony,

Thanks for contacting ESPN.

We have decided to part ways with Hank Williams, Jr. We appreciate his contributions over the past years. The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue.


ESPN Viewer Response


October 13, 2011  11:13 AM ET

Does anybody else out there think Phil simms really makes no sense sometimes as an analyst.

I the VERY least.....there should be a raffle (at each game he calls)....where the winner gets to sit inside the booth, and SMACK-HIM...OVER-THE-HEAD, every time he pronounces the Bengals, the "BINGLES"!!!!

October 13, 2011  11:24 AM ET

It could be worse--Keith Olberman could being doing the commentary. Good grief, he's awful--at sports and politics.





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