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December 29, 2009, 03:24 AM
Bears/ Vikings on MNF .....

Brilliant. The Bears we expected at the start of the season. I had three games marked down as gut wins this year. Green Bay in week one, Pittsburgh in week two, and the Vikes at home. What was wrong with the performance tonight ? Apart from kicking a FG on second down and not bothering to take a couple of play action shots at the endzone, Lovie didn't blow it. Jay was great. Delighted for him, all the abuse he took - physically and from the media and fans - that'll do wonders for his confidence going into next week. He can potentially end up even or better on TD/INT differential. The game puts a whole new perspective on the season and throws up a few what-ifs in actually making a case for Lovie's stay of execution (!) ....

What if Devin Hester stayed on returns ?

What if Aromashodou had Hester's place from the start of the season ?

What if we had that offensive line from the start of the season (Shaffer at RT, Williams at LT etc.) ?

What if Dez Clarke was still #1 TE (from a blocking perspective) and didn't get injured ?

What if Brandon Rideau was on the other side, with Knox/Bennett alternated in the slot ?

What if we had been spelling Forte with someone who wasn't a midget ?

What if Turner had been calling plays like tonight ?

What if Turner had gone downtown more this season instead of bubble screens and garret Wolfe up the middle ?

What if Urlacher and Pisa hadn't gone down week one ?

What if Dusty Dvoracek didn't disappear before the season started ?

Instead of a long rebuilding process, now it would appear that if we can stay healthy, all is not lost ....

1. Get a monster big receiver in FA (or get Brandon Rideau out of McDonalds) ....

2. Get an above average Guard.

3. Send Greg Olsen to blocking school and don't let him near the practice field until he learns how to hit someone and stop being a big girl.

4. Pick up some help for the secondary.

5. Lock Hunter Hillenmeyer in the weight room.

6. Place a few brown paper bags containg fecal matter on Jerry Angelo's doorstep and set them on fire.

Number six is optional.

What a difference a day makes, eh ? I'm on a natural football high after that game. Clearly Shabba-dabba-doo is our number one receiver. People will say "Yeah but Hester is a WR because Lovie ....." etc. but the fact remains that we live and learn. He was coach of the year a few years ago. The people really irking me this year and generally were Angelo/Turner. But if Cowher's not coming here than I'd be happier with those two gone, or at worst, just Turner. As long as we win games who cares who the coach is ! Did Mike Ditka win Superbowl XX for us ? No. It was those beautiful men in the trenches. It was Sweetness. Mad Mac. Suhey. Butthead. The wrecking crew of linebackers. Fancy Fencik.

Today was sweet. Enjoy. In a year or two (when T-Jack has the Queens back in the basement) the gift of Jay Christopher Cutler presented to us on April 2 will be recognised as the seachange in fortunes we thought he was. Somebody listed the Bears previous records today and asked why we remained Bears fans. I'll say two things : Walter Payton, and days like today. Thank you my beautiful Bears ... you are who I thought you were.

Bear down ladies and gents


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