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December 31, 2009, 12:15 PM
Welcome to the first NCAA basketball roundtable, this week the panel is: Dan Vachalek, David Snipes and Alexander Jefferson

1. Kentucky was the first school to reach 2K last week. Just how impressive is that acheivement?

Dan: I think that Kentucky reaching 2,000 wins last week is pretty impressive. They have a solid record all time (right now, it's at 2001-635-1). That's a pretty impressive mark. They've made it to the NCAA Tournament a lot in their time, and winning 2,000 games is always an impressive feat.

David: Ok, let me make this REAL easy- Kentucky is the king of the SEC- always has been, there is NO Duke or Maryland or Texas, Temple, etc in the SEC - Lets break down the top 20 by conference shall we?

ACC - 2- UNC (2) Duke (4)
Big 12 - 2 - Kansas (3) Texas (17)
Big 10 - 3 - Indiana (11) Illinois (13) Purdue (20)
Big East - 5 - Syracuse (5) St Johns (7) ND (9) Louisville (18)
Pac-10 - 3 - UCLA (8) Oregon State (15) Washington (15)

Now after that is the

SEC: Kentucky (1)

Thats it - NO SEC school is on the top 20 list (next up is Florida with 1546 wins as of this date). So lets be honest here, Yes its a great thing- but UCLA is the impressive school with the win totals. Sorry. Kentucky dominated what was for YEARS a minor league as far as basketball was concerned - how many SEC schools won the Championship before Nolan Richardson won in 1994?


The Pac 10 had 4 different schools win the tourney before then. So UK piled up a ton of wins playing a lesser conference for a zillion years. Yaaay. I'm not saying if Kentucky was SOuth Carolina they wouldn't have 2K wins, but what I'm saying is UCLA and UNC has the only thing that matters in NCAA - the MOST banners and the most RECENT banner.

Alexander: I'd say it's pretty impressive. You don't just win 20 games a year by getting lucky, and you certainly don't win 20 games a year for (on average) 100 years. In this day and age, everyone seems to only focus on the recent stuff and Kentucky hasn't had the most success the last few years- but don't let that fool you. Kentucky has one of the best programs in the country, and this big accomplishment only re-enforces that.

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