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January 3, 2010, 02:22 AM
As we approach the last game of the season, Calvin will pissing on Bears opponents for the last time...I am retiring him out to pasture...

Now we all have mixed emotions...the victory over the Vikings was a surprising and beautiful thing, and showed the potential that Jay Cutler has, when he has time in the pocket, or if they roll him out and open the field up...DUH...

Jay Cutler was NFC Offensive player of the week, and Hunter Hillenmeyer was NFC Defensive player of the we were actually troll free all week...they had nothing to say...

But is does not change what happened weeks 1-15 during the season. This team was a PROHIBITED favorite to make the playoffs, and looked at times like a semi-pro team.

Can one game make Virginia Halas McCaskey forget the rest of the season?...It can not, that would be unacceptable...this franchise is worth over 1 Billion, eating the salaries of Smith & Angelo would be less than 1% of net worthL...Just throwing Ron Turner under the bus is not enough...since technically the only person who can make any coaching changes is Lovie Smith it is written in his contract, and he has to do nothing if he desires, any coaches he fires would just be leverage for him to get a new contract extention, and then we would be stuck with him for a longer period.

If the current regime is retained, it would be a travesty, and prove to me as a fan that she does not give a damn what the fans who pay her salary think. If she fires them, it will happen quick...I am more excited about Black Monday than I am about the game. (Black Monday is the first day after the regular season ends, and NFL coaches get fired...I predict 6 coaches get fired)

Now to the game, the Lions do not really have a chance to win, the Bears have superior talent, and unless Calvin Johnson has a career game, or the Bears beat themselves, the Bears will win the game with ease.

Now I have asked Calvin for one last thing before he retires, and that was for him to give us his opinion of what should happen...

Don't let the door hit ya, where the gool lord split ya...


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