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January 4, 2010, 12:26 PM
California started the season ranked #11 or #12 depending on who's poll you adhere to. The also had an athlete who was in the Heisman running at the beginning of the season, Jahvid Best. They will have at least 12 starters leaving, Jahvid Best, Brian Anger, Syd'Quan Thompson, Tyson Alualu, being the players that most likely will be drafted. Cal got rid of their special teams coach, sigh of relief. It wasn't so much on punt coverage that Cal suffered it was kick offs and the lack of tackling. Brian Anger is an excellent punter and will be a great addition to some team. Cal started the season with a new Offensive coordinator that came from Utah Andy Ludwig, who is still under scrutiny, was he the reason Utah had a perfect season in "08"? The defensive coordinator in many fans opinion sucks, he plays a bend but don't break defense that was horrible in 3rd and long situations. Many want Bob Gregory fired. The other weakness has been in the secondary, Al Simmons the secondary coach. 3/4 of the secondary was out of place and had blown coverages with devastating results, Thompson being the exception. The big question for next year will be if Tedford starts Riley or is he willing to put the position up for grabs, Tedford has a weakness, and that is loyalty to his seniors, and has been scrutinized that it doesn't help the team as a whole. Although Best will be missed his replacement and the 3 other backs behind him are no slouches. Cal now has a reputation of turning out great pro quality RBs, and the players that have gone on to play Pro Football. Cals most glaring weakness is that they can't win the big game. Is it lack of motivation, Cal seems happy to be relegated lesser Bowl games, this was a year that many thought Cal would finally make it to the Rose Bowl yet they fell far from it in a loss in the Poinsettia Bowl. Their outlook for 2010 doesn't look good with so many seniors leaving, but you never know maybe without the pressure to live up to a Top Ten status they will do a reverse and play beyond their expectations.
December 4, 2010  07:06 PM ET

It would have been nice if they had started out 5-0 last year. If Pete Carroll decides to go Pro then Cal might be able to get off to a 7-0 start.

The new found problem is Andy Ludwig the offensive coordinator, this guy is a total poser, send him packing to the high school ranks.


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