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January 9, 2010, 08:46 AM
At the VERY-least, we should have one pissed-off O-line that figures they have something to prove, next season....and, they're (still) young-enough for that attitude to make THE difference.

If Issac Redman can (manage to) have a pre-season, next year, like he had this season, he'll (SHOULD) easily show-up within our starting-3 RBs!! elers/s_661241.html
September 19, 2011  05:33 AM ET

I really don't see why you continue to think that Isaac Redman is the answer to all the problems. He's not that good. He seemed good in preseason because he was running against other 3rd and 4th strings. The guy's definately not beating out Mendenhall or Parker, if Parker stays that is. Moore is better then Redman. Not to mention he couldn't even beat out Frank Sommers and they brought back Carey Davis at H-back before even giving Redman a consideration.

9/19/11 - vs. Seattle - Avg. Yards per Attempt:

Rashard Mendenhall: 3.47

Isaac Redman: 4.90



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September 20, 2011  08:36 AM ET

Are blind or stupid? Or both?

I was thinkin' the same......when no one else saw a LOT o' Jerome Bettis in Isaac Redman!!!


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September 21, 2011  02:01 PM ET

Good for you, Sherman, good for you. Self awareness is the first step.

....Especially when you "else"-folks finally "get it".

Not to long as your income isn't generated by recognizing NFL-talent.

Riding the "OOPS! I dropped it, again!" Mendenhall-"wagon", is like pickin' Indy to go to the playoffs (every year).

September 29, 2011  07:27 AM ET

I wear my old Rod Woodson jersey to every game I go to. My buddy just gave me a Heath Miller jersey for helping him move, so I'm looking forward to breaking that one in.

Better invest in a Redman-jersey....before they start selling (so fast) you can't find know....seeing-as-how you're such a big-fan o' breakin'-in the latest (and, greatest) jersey.


"Mendenhall is averaging just 3.0 yards per carry." ml


One (injury) & OUT??!!!


He'd better get his **** into-GEAR!!! Next season he's ALSO got Baron Batch to (start) worrying-about!!!

September 29, 2011  09:35 AM ET

Seriously, Shaman. A better lead in to this thread would be Shaman, an embarrassment to Steeler Nation. Please grow up and stop making ignorant posts.

....You mean.....being RIGHT about Mendenhall?????

What....will the Ravens games ALWAYS be a loss, for us, as-long-as Mendenhall is still our starrting-RB???? ers-vs-ravens-score-rashard-mendenhall-joe-flacco


Things CHANGE!!!!! (...Except, maybe, for "First-Rounder Choke" Mendenhall). re-carries

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September 29, 2011  03:42 PM ET

Shaman = too much time on his hands! :^)

October 3, 2011  08:06 AM ET

10/02/11 - vs. Houston - Avg. Yards per Attempt:

Rashard Mendenhall: 2.78

Isaac Redman: 6.67


Redman; Digest Player of the Week /488a4d02-e7bb-4444-907d-7b28034b4381

October 10, 2011  01:12 AM ET

Thanks , that is the funny thing, I like Redman but I know he is not the answer to the problem, nor the solution, he may make a decent backup one of these days, with time.....

October 10, 2011

"Redman spent much of the season getting only spot duty until Rashard Mendenhall pulled a hamstring last week in Houston. Dwyer began the preseason fighting for a roster spot and played only with the scout team until being placed on the active roster hours before kickoff yesterday.

But in the Steelers' best performance this season, Dwyer and Redman ignited what had been a mostly ineffective running game during a convincing 38-17 victory over the Tennessee Titans at Heinz Field.

"I told Redman the numbers probably weren't indicative of how we played," quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said. "He did such a good job running the ball and picking up the blitzes."

Roethlisberger fired up Redman with a pregame pep talk that inspired him to make the most of his opportunity while Mendenhall sat out.

"We wanted to establish the run and control the ball, which definitely opened up the passing game," said Redman, who was forced out with persistent cramps in the second half after slugging his way for 49 yards on 15 attempts. "I was just hitting in there and getting the tough yards." .html

October 10, 2011  01:17 AM ET

Sam,Sorry, you have to put up with Shaman's posts. He is a clear embarrassment to us.

Tomlin - Re: Not using Rashard Mendenhall:

"We didn???t need him." tans/ab95a2ff-f592-4022-a54c-312f5010e881

October 10, 2011  01:27 AM ET

hey, i've got used to it from Shaman. To be honest, I had him peg since the begining as a fair weather fan but then i thought the same with yourself, jack and BBT and pretty much every Steeler fan I encountered on here..So I got 1 out of 4 right..25%, better avg than my giants had on 3rd down..LOLI would say one of the best things i learned on here over this whole NFL season is to be a better judge of charector. [B]I always say the best fans are the ones that just over and over take beatings and still able to hold their head high.[/B]

It's easy.....when you're a REDMAN-fan!!!!!


"The Titans came in as one of the early surprises behind the play of Hasselbeck and the understated approach of new coach Mike Munchak. A road victory against a perennial playoff team would serve as validation their hot start was no fluke.

Yet they never really got going. Hasselbeck threw for 262 mostly inconsequential yards and the NFL's stingiest scoring defense couldn't contain Roethlisberger or reserve running backs Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman . The duo combined to run for 156 yards in place of Rashard Mendenhall , who dressed but did not play because of a hamstring injury." _recap.html?sct=nfl_t11_a5

October 10, 2011  01:39 AM ET

Just curious you actually take your head OUT of your arse when you type something or are you able to type with it still up there?

"There was a running attack that looked like the Steelers of old, with two backs pounding away at the Titans defense in a manner not unlike Jerome Bettis to pile up 174 yards.

Most notable about the offense was the play of running backs Isaac Redman and Jonathan Dwyer, who ran harder and better than injured starter Rashard Mendenhall. Redman didn???t find much running room but made his own, carrying 15 times for 49 yards." iks-blog/30365-new-team-shows-up-at-heinz-field

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October 10, 2011  08:27 AM ET

Calm down. He had 49 yards.

Correction: 49 TOUGH-YARDS!!

No Willie Parker/Rashard Mendenhall break-to-the-ouside-long-runs for RED-ZONE REDMAN!

October 10, 2011  08:38 AM ET

Correction: 49 TOUGH-YARDS!!No Willie Parker/Rashard Mendenhall break-to-the-ouside-long-runs for RED-ZONE REDMAN!

"Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall is out of Sunday's game against the Tennessee Titans, and Isaac Redman will get his first career NFL start in his place.

In just 22 carries this season, Redman has averaged an impressive 4.9 yards per carry.

The Steelers are not just without Mendenhall at running back for Sunday???third-down specialist Mewelde Moore will not play because of an ankle injury. This means former Georgia Tech running back Jonathan Dwyer will likely dress for the second time in his brief career.

However, the Titans' run defense is playing so well this season that it may not matter whom the Steelers play at running back this week." redman-will-not-help-steelers-beat-titans


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