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February 2, 2010, 06:54 PM
Before you start laughing at this, you've gotta think about this. A free agent is only as good as the need for his spot at the team he goes to. You can put a great player on a bad team, and the results will not change. Case in point:

Elton Brand goes to 76ers, and goes from 20 ppg, 10rpg, to nothing. Baron Davis goes to Clippers, nothing. Grant Hill went to the Magic so long ago, and nothing.

Conversely, the Pistons about 7 or 8 years ago collected a bunch of mid level free agents named Ben Wallace (Orlando Magic), Rip Hamilton (Washington Wizards), and Rasheed Wallace (Portland Trailblazers) and look at what happened. They just needed the driver to drive the car in Chauncey Billups.

This summer the Knicks have players like Lebron on their radar. What they should look at is the mid level guys. When every guy goes for the pretty girl, only 1 can get her while they scrap and fight for her. The Knicks should focus on all the other girls in the room and let Miami or whoever else take their shot.

By Gilbert Arenas carrying a gun into an arena he did a few things. He gave the Knicks a cheaper upgrade over Chris Duhon (who wants to pay a criminal, see Mike Vick Salary). Arenas is still a perennial All Star who could be had for cheap once the Wizards cut him, and why pay the Chris Duhons 6 million a season, when they may be able to get a fresh from jail Arenas for half that? Not to mention this experience may humble him and recommit him to b-ball. Remember how well we did with veteran PG's in the past? See Doc Rivers, Derek Harper.

With Arenas locked in the dominoes could fall in place for other guys not being named. Joe Johnson of the Hawks is an upgrade over Wilson Chandler and can handle the ball. He may only look at 60 million and not 100 million. That would give the Knicks a new starting back court.

With the remaing cash they can look at getting an upgrade at PF or C. I'd look at Chris Bosh if he wouldn't mind joining a squad of David Lee, Arenas, and Joe Johnson.

Lebron is the biggest thing to hit the NBA this past decade, hands down. But is it better to focus all your efforts on 1 MVP, or 4 all-star level players in Arenas, Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh, and David Lee? I see a better foundation in the latter, and without the hype.


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