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February 4, 2010, 11:15 AM
1st off...lets talk about the Uncapped Year.

This is misleading for Dallas since we finished in the final 8 and we can only sign a Free Agent to replace the ones we lose.

The following list of players are either Retricted FA's are Unrestricted FA's

A player with an asterick, means they are a RFA and have less than 4yrs NFL experience...meaning we can match ANY deal offered to them.

Miles Austin* WR RFA Cowboys
Stephen Bowen* DE RFA Cowboys
Jason Hatcher* DE RFA Cowboys
Montrae Holland OG UFA Cowboys
Sam Hurd* DE RFA Cowboys
L.P. Ladouceur* LS RFA Cowboys
Pat McQuistan* OT RFA Cowboys
Duke Preston* OG RFA Cowboys
Cory Procter* OT RFA Cowboys
Allen Rossum CB UFA Cowboys
Gerald Sensabaugh* S RFA Cowboys
Junior Siavii DT RFA Cowboys
Marcus Spears* DE RFA Cowboys
Pat Watkins* S RFA Cowboys

On this list, Austin, Sensabaugh and Spears are starters while Bowen, Hatcher, and Watkins are key reserves.

It is IMPERATIVE that we bring back Austin, Sensabaugh and Spears...but Spears could be replaced by another DT/DE type of guy in the 3-4.

Backups are always replaceable.

Dallas needs to focus on drafting a stout lineman.

They DO NOT need to get caught up in the Roy Williams offseason opinions.

Roy can only improve for us. Did we give too much...well, if you compare what Detroit got for him in picks, we won. But, if you assume we would have drafted Percy Harvin and he would have had the same season here, then we lost out.

Either way, if I am JJ...I keep Roy and make him earn his starting spot while competing with Crayton and Hurd for it. Roy did have 600yds and 7 scores...that is not, let us not forget that Dallas ran the ball more this season and after Austin and Witten, Roy is our #3 option. Those stats for a #3 option is good but for what we gave, not so good.

Dallas COULD consider trading MBIII for a high draft pick as compensation. If they do not get anything stout, then keep him. If we can trade him and use a really low pick to bring in another guy to back up Felix and Choice, I say do it.

I also would make Flozell Adams earn his spot during a competition in training camp.

Free gave up 1 sack in 7 games played vs Adams 7...Columbo gave up 1 sack in 9 games played. Free is an up and comer and Flozell is aging, gives up a ton of penalties and 7 sacks is average. For his age and salary, I say cut him. They should start Free at the LT and Columbo at RT and draft another Tackle with that Round 1 pick if a Round 1 graded Tackle is there.

Ditto for Ken Hamlin. Make Ken out play Ball and Michael Hamlin for his spot or cut him and try and get another FS in Free Agency. Ken played average last season and we need him to play like he did when he was trying to get a new contract...its amazing how well a guy will play when his job is in jeopardy.

Lastly, GET A FREAKING KICKER. Either draft one, or sign a few and have a kicking competition in camp. Ideally, it would be nice to get Buehler involved as well.

Overall...that is it...I would only tweak a spot here or there and focus on the draft.

The offense finished 3rd and the defense finished 9th in yards but 2nd in pts allowed...with Dallas being very young, I see next season being another good year.

Not many changes are needed, just improvements on execution and focus on lack of penalties...especially on offense.


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