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February 6, 2010, 01:23 PM
We are quickly approaching the start of the new NASCAR season. It is time to rev up those engines and take an in-depth look at the contenders, pretenders, and one hot mama that will comprise the NASCAR field here in 2010.

Will Jimmie Johnson win it all for the 5th consecutive year? He has a chance to continue hsi legendary run if he can keep it going. Rick Hendrick at the end of last season said the focus for this year would be improving the weak link on the Hendrick Motorsports team, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Does that mean Jimmie Johnson will not repeat for the 5th consecutive time? No. It just means Rick Hendrick trusts Jimmie Johnson and his crew to do everything they need to do to win, while he invests his time making Hendrick Motorsports a totally dominant powerhouse and unstoppable force. Move over, Lakers. Step aside, Patriots. There is a new dynasty in the sports world, and it lies at the HQ of Rick Hendrick Motorsports.

But let's not hand the trophy to Johnson again just yet. It is after all, a 36-race season, and there are plenty of contenders to go around. Jeff Gordon had a bounce-back year, and will continue to compete at a high level. Tony Stewart was strong all year, and he is hungry to notch another Cup title. Kyle Busch is another such contender, but let's not forget Carl Edwards. He is probably the most improved driver over the past few seasons of NASCAR and he could backflip his way into the title. Mark martin continues to drive like a man on a mission, despite his age. It's going to be exciting again as the hottest drivers go at it.

Once again, the lesser known drivers will continue to stumble. But where will people like Kasey Kahne, Juan Pablo Montoya, and Dale Earnhardt Jr fall? Will they get into the Chase and have a serious shot at contending, or will they continue to be mired in bad luck and crew chief grumblings? Dale Jr believes his new beard (which looks like a fungal growth on his face) will be his key to success. Hey Junior, how about driving better? That's the key to your success. Not some lame beard. I believe Kasey Kahne will continue to get stronger, as will Juan Pablo Montoya, who I pick as the dark horse in the whole thing.

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