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February 10, 2010, 04:32 AM
I can't take it anymore .... I've woken up and there are Stepford wives everywhere. There is an elephant in the room and it's called Greg Olsen. Why are people in love with Greg Olsen ?

Take out the Arizona game (in which we got blown out) and the guy had 5 TD receptions in 15 games. That's one TD every three games. Consider this. He had 10 catches after game four this season. Capiche ? He averaged LESS THAN A RECEPTION PER GAME after week four.

Martz' tight ends average about 25/30 catches per season if they're in the receiver-end of the position. What did Martz have to say ?

"All tight ends, their first responsibility, they have to put their hand down on the line of scrimmage and be a successful blocker, and then they move to receiving," Martz said. "To just skip by that and say, 'He's a terrific receiver,' well, then you might as well just put another wide receiver in there."

He is a terrible blocker, drops crucial third down passes, drops too many passes full stop, doesn't stretch, can't get open, lacks toughness and takes entire games off (popping up with a useless TD now and then). Minus Arizona, 1 TD in every 3 games ? Your supposed #1 receiver, your 1st round draft pick ? In one particular game, don't remember who against, but he was targeted 14 times by Cutler, caught 2, 1 TD. Story of his season. He was a huge factor in our inability to run (aside from Omiyale) and does not appear to factor in a Martz led offense.

Angelo drafted him because he was from the same college he was. Period. Olsen is a bust. Tony Gonzalez can block, Gates, Clark, Daniels, Shockey, you name it. This is football. You need to block. Walter Payton was a great blocker - was he too great a player to block ? No, man it's part of the game ! You don't play in the U.S Open if your backhand is no good ! It's a man's game and Greg Olsen can't play it. We need to get some draft ammo for this fool before the rest of the league figured out what fans have known for some time. Greg. Olsen Is. A. Big. girl.

Watch the first clip and get sick a little, the camera does not lie : Olsen v the Rams. Pathetic. 0OFCTwY BTA4_c ng-down-bears-tight-ends.html


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