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February 14, 2010, 02:00 AM
Today, it Feb.14th...its Valentines Day ya drunks...haha! I am back, my mind is feeling fresher than a Double Mint Bubble Gum Commercial. I took time off from my job, to see is I still wanted to be a writer! See, beyond the controversy...I love writing more than any of these multi-million dollar writers....YOU support! Most of these high priced writers...DONT give a damn about you and me!

They go back to there multi-million dollar mansion, without even commenting back on there stories! Me, I have more talent than everyone of them overpaid crybabies! Yet, I have a normal 40 hour job, and I write because I LOVE this! And on Valentines Day...I picked this day...because writing is one of my true loves! Now dont this make sense to YOU? If not you are drunker than I am right now!

I will remain in the Pittsburgh Steelers section, people have become accustomed to it, this is like my marker here at Fan Nation. But this story right the biggest of my life! Bigger than the papers I used to write for! I want to be a damn Sports Illustarted Columnist...I will get my wish...thanks to you drunks!

I am the innovator of the message board writings! I was the original bad boy message board writer.....NOW look on here...everyone is copying this is Kinkos lol! But now, this time around...I decided to bring along a the name of Joe Moko! I am the greatest writer....he is the greatest damn athlete in the World today!

I have some sad news. Joe Moko LOST his title fight tonight to that damn bratt Ryan Smith. For the full play- by play go to Moko is currently in the damn Hospital with a broken nose. He was KO'd in 22 seconds. He was badly beatin...but the 413 pound eating sensation will return....hopefully tommorow once he leaves the hospital as my new sidekick on here.

Respect me....if will have 413 reasons to regret doing so! I am the Media Sports King...I am back! Peter King....make room for the REAL king....Me..Tim Lumber the damn living legend Trailer Park living...drunk as hell...tell it like it is...I dont give a damn man...because I am BACK! Happy Valentines my stories...I love you!!


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