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March 4, 2010, 02:18 PM
Without getting into the complexities of the uncapped year, here are some ideas for the offseason, and 2010...

That said, I see the team needs as (in no specific order): MLB, OLB, TE, FS, OL, CB

1. I liked the Perry Fewell signing at DC, I think he will do great things with the D, and the CB's especially. Hopefully he will be able to get pressure on the QB.

2. I believe in the draft as being the long term solution to personnel issues, but there seem to be too many holes right now for this not to be addressed properly, without some additional F/A signings.

3. Looking at this by position:

A) LB - Pierce needed to go, unfortunately. That said, I think Boley will be fine in 2010, so that means the team needs a MLB and another OLB. Clint Sintim might be better suited at end than at OLB in a 4-3 since he is a natural pass rusher from a 3-4, and Kiwanuka seems to be lost in the mix somewhere, and can he play OLB or will Sintim? If he could, then why draft Sintim or sign Boley in '09? Danny Clark is a back-up at best. Can Jonathan Goff be a full-time MLB, and what about Brian Kehl?

B) TE - I am a big fan of Kevin Boss', but the skinny on him is he can't block very well, and is better suited to be a back-up than a starting TE for the Giants due to their being a run-first offense, that then uses the play-action for deep passes. The backups could be replaced, because Travis Beckhum can't block, and seems to be lost, but that could have simply been rookie jitters (for the latter issue), and Darcy Johnson is simply the odd man out.

C) FS/SS - With KP coming back from a serious injury (originally believed to be career-threatening), and not being able to run on firm ground until March, the team according to the USA Today, is nto sure of wheen he will be going full-tilt again, though some reports (NY Post) have him ahead of schedule right now. The other guys here are role players at best. CC Brown was a disappointment, Michael Johnson did not play up to exppectations, and Adam Rouse is considered to bbe "soft" which is why the Pack let him go in 2009.

D) OL - David Diehl is a hoss, a man amongst boys. He went to the Pro Bowl because other guys decided not to play, but he needs to move back to LG, his natural position, where he would become Goliath, and teamed with Chris Snee, might make the best G combo in the NFL. William Beattie seems to be able to play RT, because Kareeem Mckenzie is obviously over the hill, unfortunately due to injury, and LG Rich Seubert needs to be demoted to a backup roole simply due to wear and tear as well, leaving some holes to fill at LT, and a few other back-up spots including a future C to take over for O'hara.

E) CB ??? Adam Ross needs to rebound, and needs to take better care of his hammies, and Corey Webster needs to get back in the game. Terrell Thomas led the team in picks, with Dockery and Johnson rounding out the D-backs. The unit is strong, and if it goes to a man-to-man D as was the case with Spags, Webster should return to form (as he was a man cover corner at LSU) which is why he disappeared under Tim Lewis??? read n react D, and shined under Spags??? system. Fewell should have the same effect. However, Dockery might be on the slide, and Webster or Thomas could be moved to S.


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