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April 11, 2010, 04:51 AM
OK, so we all know that the saints re-signed Hargrove, and we just signed Brown. so it clearly looks like we are building are Line off the FA. also with Wilkerson coming in for a visit, defanitely makes you think that the Saints are really trying to feel that void of Charles Grant, and get more DL, so that in the 1st round, we can take a LB, they are lookin for a fast, strong playmaking OLB. we need to get the Clay Matthews or Brian Cushing of this draft. So i believe with everything that i can that the Saints are not gonna miss on the Opportunity to taked a LB in the First.

so here is my Saints 1-5 Draft

1st. Sergio Kindle (OLB) Texas - He is quick at this position and he can also play DE, what is not to like about this guy? but if Jerry Hughes is still on the Board for some reason , then the Saints will have an ultimatim, but he should be gone in the late 20's.

notable mention - OLB Jerry Hughes TCU

2nd. Chad Jones (S) LSU - this guy is just an athlete who knows the Safety position and the game really well, i wouldnt be surprised to see the Saints yank this guy up, that is if he doesnt get taken in the late 2nd before we get a chance. whether Sharper stays or goes, it cant hurt the Saints to bring in a young Safety to learn from Sharper and Harper. this guy will be great in the NFL.

notable mention - S Reshad Jones Georgia

3rd. Ricy Sapp (OLB) Clemson - another OLB that can chase down the QB very well. losing Shanle and Fujita, i wouldnt be surprised to see the Saints take 2 LBs in the first 3 rounds.

notable mention - DE Austen Lane Murray State

4th. Joe Mcknight (RB) USC - With His playmaking ablity, it will never hurt to add more Depth to the Offense, and if he is still ava, Saints will take him, he is another Reggie Bush type player who can play RB, WR, or PR/KR.

notable Mention - RB Toby Gerhart Stanford, that is if either one of these guys slip this far, very unlikely tho. but have to go with RB right here though

5th. Jordan Shipley (WR) Texas - its hard to say if the saints will go after WR here at this spot, maybe though and if this guy is here, then welcome to the saints.

notable mention - WR Freddie Barnes Bowling Green. another Colston in the making. thats all i got to say.!


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