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April 12, 2010, 09:05 PM
I have been sitting as has many Steeler fans and wondering about the Ben situation well finally today we got some closure , we know that he will not be charged with any criminal misconduct. . I have been looking into this and knew that this would be the way that it would end. As a fan of the Steelers I am cannot be happier, but as a fan of Bens , it has left me wondering.

When the news of this first broke I was really upset and I believed that he did this, I am not gonna lie and I know people on here that know me and know how I have always defended Ben that my come as a shock. But I did, So I decided to sit back and like the rest of the world decided to wait and see how this plays out.

This accusation has not been the thing that has me wondering about him, after research, the more I seen, I knew that it would turn out the way it did, no criminal charges, but after the said research , things I seen and found has made me really question his character. And that is the sad thing, I have seen things that I as a fan of his, was not happy about and really made me look at him in a different light .

Granted these are things that can be changed. But they are completely up to him to change. I will always be a Steeler fan, and I will be that till the day I die, and I will be happy when they win even with Ben under center. But that will not change my opinion of him, for now he is the only one that can change that and I know that I am not the only fan that feels this way. He needs to be a better person to his fans and the people in the great city of Pittsburgh, them and all the fans around the world need to see this change and hopefully it will be for the better.

He said in his statement that he wanted to make his family and friends and the Steeler Nation proud of his actions from here on out. Well I say you are the only one that can do that, and from here on out , your actions will speak louder than your words. And until you have proven that you are going to change , I am officially putting you on HERO WORSHIP PROBATION>



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