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May 4, 2010, 07:11 AM
Dustin Price: The Red Sox will be just fine, they are the Red Sox. They may not finish first (or even second), but they will finish better than they have started this year. It is way too early to hit the panic button.

Rich Stowe: It is way too early to start panicking for the Red Sox, however, their new philosophy was pitching and defense this past offseason and it has backfired on them. Their "defensive pickups" like Scutaro and Beltre need to start playing defense, their rotation has to improve (which I'm sure it will), their bullpen needs to step it up. Also, they need to make a decision about Ortiz - either ride his slow start or go with someone else. While you can't win the division in April/May you can put yourself in too big a hole to make up, especially if the Yanks and Rays continue to play at .700 clips.

Matt Strobl: A little of both. Too early to panic for sure, but in the A.L. East no team can afford to struggle for too long. This team isn't designed for a big comeback- it has to remain within striking distance if it wants to be in the post-season. I see several major flaws at the moment: Bad defense, inconsistent starting pitching, unreliable relief, and mediocre offense. The defense is likely to improve; I can't believe that generally talented gloves like Adrian Beltre's will suddenly fall off the table. And once Mike Cameron and Jacoby Ellsbury return, the outfield will be in better shape. I have the same attitude toward the rotation. I think that over time, Beckett and Lester will iron out their problems and Boston will have one of the better staffs in the league. However, I have no confidence in Matsuzaka as a fifth starter, so that could be a sore spot. The other two issues are much less likely to go away. The bullpen has plenty of talent, but I could see these struggles continuing deep into the season. And the offense is what it is- the team simply wasn't built to outscore it opponents. So while I'm not panicking, I am certain that the team needs to turn things around in May.

Dan Vachalek: Right now, I think they need some hitting help. They also need some bullpen help. It really has been terrible how they've lost games in the later innings because of the terrible relief they have. The final thing they need to be able to do, is get a catcher who can actually throw out a damn baserunner. They've been terrible in allowing stolen bases -- it's gotten to the point where I could steal on the Red Sox -- and I'm slow as hell.

Joe Cantiello: The short answer is it is too early to make any judgments yet. However, I didn???t think the Sox were that great last year and I think the moves the wunderkind GM Theo Epstein made in the off season, going for defense over offense, are not working out so far because he gave up too much needed offense in a very offense oriented division. Time will tell but I am leaning to strongly suggesting the Red Sox will not make the playoffs this year.

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