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May 5, 2010, 11:53 PM
Joao: If anything we are seeing that both squads are "human". They are beatable. The Lakers lost 2 games to an overmatched Thunder side and allowed the Jazz to climb back and hang in there in game 1. The Cavaliers trampled the Bulls but have now lost game 2 at home against the Celtics, as the Boston side seem to have their swagger back. Both the Jazz and the Celtics can respectively beat the Lakers and the Cavaliers, make no doubt about that. But I personally see the Cavaliers as having a tougher road ahead; this series with Boston is going to be a grueling one and they don't match up well with the Magic (if Orlando beats Atlanta, that is).
Let us just realize that a Cavaliers vs Lakers Finals is desirable and may very well happen, but that such an event is certainly not a certainty as we are witnessing.

Dustin: Cavs fans should be afraid, be very afraid. What will they do when King James leaves? They'll go from a contender to out of the playoffs without him. They better find a way to keep him around and keep him happy. The Lakers have enough money to reload whenever they need to, they'll continue to contend.

David: Lakers do. The Cavs are still going pretty strong- game 2 notwithstanding- and the Lakers have to think about seeing the SPURS rise from the dead - or a motivated Amare down low. Bynum is hurting- yes I know, we are all stunned to hear it, but the thought of Gasol having to play with the Jazz, then going up in skill to Amare/Duncan- then going WAY up in weight class to the Shaqtus, Gasol can't be happy about that.

John: If I'm a Cleveland fan after watching Game 2, I'm absolutely terrfied of the Celtics, especially with LeBron looking tentative with that elbow injury. Plus, the Celtics have a championship pedigree, and while the sun may be setting on their chances of winning another title with the current group they have, they are still dangerous. I don't think Lakers' fans should be all that worried. The two teams that would have given them the most problems were both eliminated in the first round, and I don't see anybody knocking them out in the West.

Dan: I'm thinking the Cavs' fans, since the Lakers have a great team and they don't need to worry about anything. They played against a very tough team in the Thunder, even though they were ranked #8. The Cavs almost lost to the Bulls, and the Thunder are much better than the Bulls, in my mind.

Rich: Fear the champs or else. Yes, Lebron is the best thing since sliced bread and hands down the best player but you had better fear, or if not fear, respect the defending champs. They might not be playing their best ball right now but if there is one team that can flick the switch and turn on greatness it is the Lakers. They still have the height down low to create mismatches to their advantage. And, they have a mix of veteran leadership and young athletic talent at the point. Plus, they still have the Zen Master (Phil Jackson) calling the shots so they will not be outcoached very often, it at all.
And finally they have Kobe Bryant who is probably one of the most relentless competitors since Michael Jordan. Kobe can get any shot he wants at any time against anyone. He is the NBA???s ???Mariano Rivera???. If your team is winning by one or tied with seconds left and Mr. Bryant has the ball then say ???Good Night??? because you are going home to mommy.
Also, check out the rafters in LA. A lot of banners hanging there and that speaks volumes. Sorry Lebron, until you get the ring Mr. Bryant is the scariest SOB in the league.

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