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May 11, 2010, 12:50 PM
I'll come out and say right away, yes, I am a Celtics fan. However, this thread is not about bashing the refs and their terrible calls strictly against the C's. This is a post bashing their calls against both the C's and the Cavs. Game 3 I have to say, yes, the Cavs were favored. However, it was only LeBron that was favored due to his elbow being a giant question mark. Jeff Van Gundy said it himself - he said that the refs calling cheap fouls committed on LeBron were the result of an 'NBA directive' to protect LeBron. Not a surprise - however, its understandable considering LeBron is the most marketable player in all of sports and if he were knocked out of the playoffs the ratings would take a considerable shot. Anyway, this post is about Game 4. Is it me or did it seem like the refs got at least 50-60% of the calls wrong? I'll cite a few examples. One for Cleveland: Shaq ran the break led by Mo Williams - he got the pass under the hoop and laid it in as he got whacked on the head by KG. No call. One for Boston: KG trying to get the ball in the post near the end of the game - Varejao makes a good ball denial, loose ball, KG touches Varejao on the hand after the ball goes flying - loose ball foul on KG? How can they make that call? Its the playoffs and the C's were over the limit with only a 3 point lead. How can the refs put the Cavs on the line when KG barely touched him. Back to the Shaq call, how can the refs not call a 3 point play when Shaq gets nailed on the head? He would have had a 3 point play opportunity to tie the game. There were tons of other calls that prompted Van Gundy/Breen/Jackson to question what the refs were thinking. I just feel like whoever wins the series is a lucky, lucky squad. The NBA won't even allow players to talk about the officiating in a negative way without getting a fine. They know how bad it is and something has to change. Is it too much to ask to have a game officiated properly? To make the right call regardless of how it effects the game. Ridiculous.


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