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May 13, 2010, 09:47 PM
For the past year, I have read drivel posted mainly by Ravens fans or a certain alleged Steeler fan who has not had an original thought ever. While I would happily trade these individuals to the Ravens for cash considerations and/or a player to be named later (mind you I am not willing to pay cash to trade these idiots), my desire is to have one thread started by an actual Steelers fan. So in hopes of having the seventh ring shortly, I suggest to the black and gold nation that summer camp is around the corner shortly (Pirates of course being irrelevant). What do you see or predict for the upcoming season?

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July 5, 2010  07:01 PM ET

July bump for the Steelers thread. Camp less than 30 days away which will have the effect of relegating the Pirates to the trash heap...Where quite frankly that once proud franchise belongs.

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July 5, 2010  07:08 PM ET

Remarkably your little league team may have been more competitive...Okay, that's a stretch...But, it takes a fundamental lack of a game plan to be as bad as the Pirates have been lo these many years...Almost as bad as ND (except that ND does have winning season on occasion).

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July 6, 2010  07:13 PM ET

Any of you remember Louis Lipps? Too bad he got injury prone, he was good. He could have been a legend, but his career was cut VERY short. Could you imagine if they had drafted Marino like they were supposed to? Steelers would have won a few more Super Bowls with those two.

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July 6, 2010  11:52 PM ET

Willie Stargell. Number 8. My very first sports hero. What a hell of a ball player he was. He hit 48 HRs in 1973, a year in which he played in only 141 games due to injury. I think he said something about the ball looking like a grapefruit to him at about the time he went on the DL. I've wondered since then how many he might have hit that year.

Hi Jack! True story here, my father was the building super for the ICM business school in Pittsburgh. One day he was on the elevator when his boss (who owned the building) and a big black guy got on. When my father didn't react or say hello to the black guy, his boss introduced him to Mr. Willie Stargell!! My dad apologized for not recognize him and explained that he didn't follow baseball. Willie wasn't offended and gave my dad 4 tickets to the next game as his guest. I still have an autographed ball back at dad???s house in Pittsburgh!! Not only was Willie a great athlete, he loved Pittsburgh and the fans.

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July 9, 2010  08:02 PM ET

Nice baseball discussion. Good change of pace on this thread. Kudos for keeping the Pirates talk to the We Are Family era. Thought a lot of Stargell. Also really liked Parker and Matlock.

Remember attending a Pirates game in the 1979 season. Every time Parker got up to the plate, fans yelling Cobra, Cobra, Cobra (then Stallone had to ruin the nickname). Unfortunately, Dave Kingman hit a tater (I think one of his 51 hits that season of which something like 48 were homeruns), and, yes Cubs won, Cubs won, Cubs won.

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July 9, 2010  09:11 PM ET

Dave Kingman!! There was a one-tool player.

Yep. But when he got a hold of one, which happened 35-45 times a year, it was impressive. However, I believe he had a mendoza line average.


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