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May 14, 2010, 07:05 PM
Here is what I want to know. Everyone says Lebron has to go where they can build a team around him, or where he can win a title. Is that really true, does the title really matter or does the money matter? You see, I think Lebron is going to make 10 times the amount of money on endorsements as he does on a contract anyway, and he has been making money for 7 years, he is worth over 200 million I'm sure. Is that really not enough? Would he take a major pay cut to set up a team that would be unstoppable? Does his legacy matter more than his money?

If it does...If he really means what he says when he says winning the championship is the most important thing, then we need to remove contract money available to sign him from the table for prospective bidders. If we remove that, and just think, who is the one player that Lebron could pair up with that on the same team would be a show of unparalleled dominance for years to come? Ignore who has the ability to afford his contract, Forget Chicago and New York. I'm talking rings. Jewelry. If you really think about it, there is one player in the NBA that if Lebron was to Unite with if money didn't matter, they would be Unstoppable. They would win 5 or 6 championships...easy.

The only question is, do the rings really matter to Lebron. If he wouldn't do this, then you can't tell me the Rings matter. Cause they don't.

Last year Phil Jackson was asked about Lebron James dex.html

He said the right thing, see Phil of the Nine Rings knows what wins the championship, and it's the big man in the paint. You have scorers everywhere, but Big Men in the Paint is where it's at, Kobe didn't win without Shaq, or Pau, Spurs didn't win without Duncan, Celtics didn't win without Garnett. Lebron will not win without a force to be stopped in the paint. There is one force which is the greatest at the moment in the league at that position, and that is Dwight Howard. You put Lebron with Dwight Howard, and you are talking Rings as far as the eye can see, and a legacy that will be compared to Jordans. The only question is would Lebron sacrifice his on court paycheck for the prestige? If he won't, don't tell me he wants to win, he wants money. Plain and simple.

How could Orlando pull it off? Easy, Dwight would tear up his contract, and Orlando would keep all the other role players but one, likely get rid of Vince Carter. They would then take all available Cap Space and Sign Dwight Howard and Lebron James to an equal paycheck splitting the difference. You don't think Dwight Howard would do that to assemble a team with a force that hasn't been seen since Shaq/Kobe of yesteryear? That tandem would stand head and shoulders above the league and rain down Championships in Orlando faster than Hurricanes off Miami.

Tell me it's not right. It's cause it is, and if the Basketball gods have any glory to their name at all, they will unite this pair. That would be the dream team, O Lord, Lebron and Dwight. Say it. Dream it. Believe. If you really think and let money go out the window, that is a unison that goes together like Hydrogen and Oxygen. Like Drums with Beats. I would become an Orlando fan for that. Oh yes, I would go buy my jersey tomorrow, and I've never even owned a basketball jersey.


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