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May 22, 2010, 12:05 AM
From this week's Kandi-Men

3. The Wiz winning the Lotto had many people yelling foul (mostly in Russian) and the streak of worst teams not getting the pick continued. Does the NBA need to fix the lotto system?

Dan: No. I like the lottery system because it prevents teams from tanking. In my opinion, I think that it should be open to all the teams and they select only the top 10 and then the rest of the picks is based off of record. That's just my thought becase it says that no matter what your record is, you should be trying your best in every game.

Rich: On one hand I really think they do need to fix the system to benefit the worst teams instead of effectively punishing them by depriving them of a needed top pick. However, on the other hand, in the long run, I don???t know if changing the system will have that much of an impact because there is no such thing as a sure #1 pick in most years. For the most part the majority of #1 picks don???t always pan out as teams want or hope. Not everything is going to go right as designed in the draft war room because there are still the Sam Bowies, Greg Odens and Blake Griffins of the world out there.

David: Well, on one side- in 12 of the last 13 times the Wiz have been in the Lotto- they have either stayed the same or gone down, the one time they went up? Kwame Brown. Ouch. Next the Nets had a 75% chance they lost Wall. They had a 54% chance they missed out on Turner and Wall. I have a great Idea. Lets only Lotto the top 3 picks, then the rest are determined by Market size! The Knicks will either make the playoffs or pick 14th for the rest of time.

John: I think so. I don't like the lottery much at all. I know it prevents teams from tanking at the end of the year, but the worst teams should get the highest picks because they are trying to get back into contention. It's been a while since the team with the worst record came away with the #1 pick, and I can't see the fairness in it. Plus, the lottery is completely boring to watch. They don't even let you see the ping pong balls! You only see the stupid envelopes and the stupid half smirks on all the team's representative's faces.

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