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June 17, 2010, 03:50 PM
WR Vincent Jackson and LT Marcus McNeill both refused to sign their RFA tender offers of over $3 million for 2010 by the 6/15 deadline, and A.J. Smith dropped both offers to $583,000 and $600,000 respectively, which is 110% of their 2009 salaries. The pair are apparently prepared to sit out until Week 10, when they must report in order to get credit for a full season of service. Regarding this situation, A.J. said:

"We lost a couple of great players today, and it hurts. We are trying to build a championship team, and losing the services of both Vincent and Marcus just made that more difficult ??? but not impossible. In due time, coach (Norv) Turner will name two new starters. We will rally as a team, compete and try to win as many games as we can."

Those two guys are very key to the SD offense. It's a real dilemma for the team and for the players, for many reasons. And some fans are up in arms regarding A.J.'s handling of the situation. But not me. I'm hitching my wagon to A.J. - I believe in what he is doing. He has not delivered a SB to us yet, but in his time as GM he has delivered six straight winning seasons and five division titles, and he has been consistent in his message that no player or coach is bigger than the team, the system, the philosophy. The organizational change began with John Butler, and A.J. has continued it after Butler died and he was named GM. For years, Belichick has stressed that the system is most important, more so than the personnel operating within it, and it has worked for that organization. As controversial as A.J. can be, he is consistent and he has not been willing to sacrifice team goals or mortgage the future to bow down to a single player's demands.

I'm not too happy about bringing in Josh Reed or Tra Thomas to fill the gaping holes left by VJ and McNeill being absent (Rivers' blind side is at stake, damn it), but I do believe A.J. is doing what is best for the team in the long run. I wish that compromise could be in order very soon, and we can get long term deals signed and get those two into camp - but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed. Sadly for Charger fans, this one could very easily drag out well into the season. Meanwhile, many believe that the proverbial "window" is inching closer and closer towards the "shut" position. Me, I'm looking forward to watching Ryan Mathews, and I'll remain hopeful for 2010. What else can I do?
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July 4, 2010  03:31 PM ET

word is that the Chargers are really considering trading Jackson. Him holding out along with his multiple DUI's and driving on a suspended license is really pushing AJ toward that. Wonder what they would get for him?

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July 5, 2010  12:30 PM ET

Jackson fancies himself as more valuable than Brandon Marshall, but Marshall has done more over his career than Jackson has, and as a go-forward proposition Jackson is a risk for any team, including the Chargers. One more screw-up and he qualifies to lose an entire season to suspension, so he's at least as big a risk as Marshall is, maybe more. One report said the Bears were considering offering Aromashodu and a 2nd round pick for Jackson. I'm sure the Chargers would love a first round pick for VJ, but I don't see it with his baggage. Knowing AJ, he will demand a first rounder, or two second round picks, or a second round pick and some talent equal to a second round pick. With the 3 game suspension, the go-forward risk, and Jackson's contract expectations, I would think there would be less demand for him. I don't think he's worth as much as Marshall, but he does. And he is a monster on the field, with great size, speed, and hands. If I had to predict, I'd say AJ isn't able to get his two second round picks, and the Chargers settle for a second and third round pick, or a second round pick and third round-type talent. Anything better than that is a win for the Chargers, although best case (the real win, the win win) is keeping him and him getting a long term deal and straightening out his personal life. Bottom line is I've pretty much written VJ off, unfortunately. Love to see him stay and sign, but I don't see it happening. Still holding out hope on the McNeill front. Watch for Malcolm Floyd to emerge with a big year. Like VJ, he's a huge target, gets open, and has great yds/catch stats. And with Rivers throwing the ball, a guy like Floyd can flourish.

I am not sure VJ is worth what AJ is going to be asking for him. I think he is more of a product of Rivers good deep pass then him being a top WR. I agree that this gives Floyd a chance to step right in and get those jump balls way down the field. I would not want my team trading multiple draft picks for VJ

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July 6, 2010  05:54 PM ET

Yeah, I think some potential trade partner organizations probably feel the same way. Can't blame them. This guy is a risk of making another costly mistake. I think he is partly a product of the system, but I also think his size, speed, and route running do place him in a desireable, semi-rare category where he would help a lot of teams. The age old question: does the WR make the QB or vice versa. Well, in this case it's pretty clear that Rivers can make due without VJ, but I hope he doesn't have to. In SD, imo the QB makes the WR.Interesting that now the Chargers are claiming VJ is not being shopped. And with their ability to slap the franchise tag on him next year (whether they would actually do that seems to be a big question mark), maybe he won't be going anywhere? Enough drama to make my head spin. Just gonna have to wait this one out, I guess. Additional predictions by me on this topic will result more flip-floppin' than we saw in the Kerry and Dubya campaigns a few years back combined.

Good point about who make who look better. Maybe Rivers suffers now that he doesnt have that big deep threat he can toss it up at knowing he will probably come down with the ball.

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July 18, 2010  11:30 PM ET

I think the good news for us this year is the AFC West is still on the weaker side so even with McNeil and Jackson missing time we are probably going to be OK.

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