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June 18, 2010, 11:58 AM
Almost everyone would probably say Keith Jackson if you asked "who is/was your favorite college football broadcaster?", but what about pairings of announcers, who did you or do you like? What about underrated guys, esp as analysts? I remember Jackson having several different pairings, the most prominent being with Frank Broyles on ABC. He also did games with Ara Parseghian for awhile. I like Broyles homespun delivery although he sometimes was a bit over the top with it. Ara was more lowkey, but found it hard to do Notre Dame games so I think they had to pull him off of them.

I thought one of the best teams was Brent Musburger with Pat Haden when CBS had the CFA contract in the 80s. I still think Haden is very underrated, and despite being a USC former QB, does a heckuva fair and balanced job on NBC.

One of the best voices doing college football is Joel Meyers on the Fox networks. He doesn't seem to get enough credit, and they never seem to stick with one team at Fox, always rotating.

For an analyst, Charles Davis does a heckuva job, I think he's paired with Dick Stockton on Fox.

Can't stand Sean McDonough, boring boring boring.
July 16, 2010  02:06 PM ET

Gary Danielson is the most biased broadcaster I've ever heard

July 16, 2010  02:08 PM ET

Gary Danielson is the most biase broadcaster I've ever heard!

July 19, 2010  03:03 PM ET

Spielman provides good analysis to the game. Musberger provides...well the brent Musberger drinking game is all I can think of.

July 19, 2010  03:38 PM ET

Mussburger... claims a new generation of fans from one comment about Jenn Sterger. Brent isn't even a fallen leaf these days. He's the imprint, the stain a wet decaying leaf leaves upon the stone - the shadow, the merest suggestion of what he should be or once was.

July 21, 2010  01:03 AM ET

I like Jesse Palmer...but I admit....mostly because he is good eye candy.

I also like Kirk Herbstreit. He makes listening to Brett Musberger more bearable during the games.

July 21, 2010  03:45 AM ET

Everytime I see Craig James, I think, "Wow. Your son sure turned out to be 1 big p***y, didn't he?"


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