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June 27, 2010, 11:01 PM
The future of U.S. soccer might be bright if ...
July 20, 2010  07:50 AM ET

If:1 - Those ****ing annoying horns (vu-vu-whatever) were 100% banned.2 - Watching a televised soccer match was somewhat more interesting than watching paint dry. Sorry. I acknowledge that it is a very strenuous sport requiring a phenomenal level of skill, but if you've never played the game it just doesn't televise well as a spectator sport.

the vuvulzelas were only part of the world cup because of the culture of south africa. Has nothing to do with soccer.

I've never played soccer (well, not on a team like that). And I love watching it. I think it's an amazing game, and one of the hardest sports out there.

July 20, 2010  07:52 AM ET

I'm totally disinterested in their attitude that officiating calls don't have to be explained, and aren't subject to scrutiny, much less challenge. Waving off goals without explaining why, turns me off. Deciding that the solution to blown calls is to ban replaying them on the stadium screens, turns me off. There's just something culturally about the way this sport is run that doesn't sit well with me.Mia Hamm was still hot, though.

If you're a fan, all this adds to why it's so awesome.
And they are instituting replay because of the issue.
If you're like me, you like the human element of sports. I'm still annoyed about replay in baseball.

It's the same reason I hate challenges in football.

Wah! wha! the upm/ref didn't call that fair, let me kick some dirt and throw a fit! wah wah.

Sorry, but the human element takes me back to when I played sports, and still do. What's called is called. And I like it that way, lol. But, that's just me.
And I can see the other point of view, though I don't agree...then again, replay for the goals wouldn't be so bad. ANd that's what they are talking about instituting.

July 30, 2010  11:16 PM ET

I think the 'new' ball should be a Tebow head.

July 30, 2010  11:42 PM ET

WTF???? Isn't this a CFB site? Did I oversleep again???

August 3, 2010  02:41 PM ET

The future of U.S. soccer might be bright if ...

...if it wasn't an upper-middle-class suburban game in America.

If working-class kids started playing it, US teams would be good in the World Cup.

Guess we will have to wait until La Reconquista Mejicana....

August 3, 2010  02:44 PM ET

Why is this under the "Flarida Goiters" heading?

Are the Goiters making some of those kids it takes on (in voilation of NCAA rules) above the 85 scholarship limit go and play soccer instead of football at junior colleges?


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