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July 3, 2010, 11:20 AM
Plaxico Burress is once again asking for a work release, I think it should be granted he has served his time for a dumb mistake and most likely has learned his lesson by now. Question is will the NFL embrace him and welcome him back or will most consider him past his prime and pass on him, T.O. is still out of work and having a hard time finding a team would the same fate befall Plaxico?
July 3, 2010  11:50 AM ET

I would prefer people like him not make millions of dollars. Yes, he served his time, but he is an idiot who didn't appriciate the good things in life. I say no more second chances for idiots who play with guns.

I agree with you to a point, I do believe in second chances, however some of these players getting third and fourth chances is where I draw the line. I am curious to see what the NFL and Teams reactions would be, I'm thinking there will always be a team take a chance on someone mainly due to their rosters. No Offense meant towards EZ but Cincinnati sure does roll the dice on a lot these players with checkered pasts.

July 3, 2010  12:01 PM ET

He did his time. Only hurt himself. If the justice system that our representatives decided he deserves that time. Then I support it. Let him get back to his life.

July 3, 2010  12:56 PM ET


July 3, 2010  01:28 PM ET

The more rational part of me says let him return to "work" and get on with his life. That is the part of me that sees that he hurt no one, was not aggressive to anyone, was a victim of an unfortunate accident.

Then another part of me is freaking tired of the sports prima donnas making $millions being so damn stupid. What is with this armed mentality? Why go places where you think you need a gun? You want to carry a gun? Join the Marines and go to Afghanistan! You can pack a desert Eagle all day long. No license required.

Tool-boy had no idea the gun would go off, he probably had no idea it had no safety, he probably chambered a round b/c that's how they do it in movies and music videos, only a fool would carry a loaded gun with one in the chamber without a holster. A loaded automatic in gym pants? WTF. If the bullet had hit someone in the club we wouldn't be having this conversation, Plaxico Dumb****_ would have got a much harsher sentence and he would have been done.

From that perspective Plaxico did nothing to prevent the bullet from going into someone else's soft pink flesh (it all looks the same under the skin if that matters to you in this context) so it is by pure DUMB luck that it hit him rather than an innocent bystander. The crime seems less "severe" b/c he got shot.

If you make a fist and extend it out in front of you it makes an arc of 5 degrees (this is for everybody, bigger hands are on longer arms so it is still 5 degrees) across the top of the knuckles. When you are out this weekend in a 4 july crowd look at how many people are in a 5 degree arc within in the lethal range of a glock. He is damn lucky he hit no one, lock him up.

July 3, 2010  01:28 PM ET

he doesnt have brains god gave a billy goat!

July 3, 2010  01:59 PM ET

No contest it was a dumb and stupid act on his part, No contest it could have gone in a much worse way and injured someone or worse killed someone but it didn't, one shouldn't be punished for something that didn't happen, he got lucky and was the sole recipient of his own stupidity and neglect. 2 years is pretty stiff penalty to pay for being stupid, Stallworth spent 24 days in jail and suspended 1 year for his accident which killed someone. I'm not condoning what either guy did simply pointing out the differences between the two men the NFL and their crimes and the severity.

July 3, 2010  02:03 PM ET

Hopefully he will realize that he's getting a second chance and does whatever is necessary to stay on the right track. Free advice to Plaxico for his next birthday: have a private party at home.

July 3, 2010  02:31 PM ET

The NFL is full of players who "DON'T GET IT" or are stupid and commit dumb acts, below is a list of arrest just for 2010:

6/29/2010: Bengals RB Cedric Benson is arrested for assault with injury.
6/26/2010: Lions president Tom Lewand is arrested for DUI.
6/16/2010: Titans DE Derrick Morgan is arrested for speeding and driving with an expired license.
6/13/2010: Titans QB Vince Young is cited for misdemeanor assault.
6/12/2010: 49ers DT Ray McDonald is arrested for suspicion of DUI.
5/26/2010: Dolphins DE Phillip Merling is arrested for aggravated battery.
5/24/2010: Chargers S Kevin Ellison is arrested for possession of 100 Vicodin pills.
5/23/2010: Saints rookie Harry Coleman is arrested for simple battery.
5/16/2010: Buccaneers WR Mario Urrutia is arrested for a misdemeanor drivers license violation.
5/4/2010: Bengals WR Maurice Purify is arrested for disorderly conduct.
4/30/2010: Chargers WR Vincent Jackson pleads guilty to knowingly driving with a suspended license.
4/27/2010: Free-agent S Clinton Hart is arrested for domestic battery.
4/17/2010: Browns RB Chris Jennings is arrested for suspicion of assault.
4/10/2010: Seahawks LB Leroy Hill is arrested for domestic violence.
4/1/2010: Browns DT Shaun Rogers is arrested for possession of a weapon.
4/1/2010: Seahawks LB Leroy Hill pleads guilty to marijuana possession.
3/27/10: Cardinals LB Joey Porter is arrested for DUI, resisting arrest, and assaulting a peace officer.
3/26/10: Bears OL Lance Louis pleads guilty to misdemeanor battery.
3/19/10: Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown is arrested on suspicion of DUI.
3/13/10: Packers TE Spencer Havner is arrested for DUI. (His agents have denied that he was charged.)
2/23/10: Chargers WR Vincent Jackson pleads guilty to DUI charges.
2/20/10: Dolphins CB Will Allen is arrested for DUI.
2/19/10: Redskins CB Byron Westbrook is arrested for DUI, negligent driving, and failure to drive right of center.
2/7/10: Dolphins DE Tony McDaniel is arrested for misdemeanor battery.
2/2/10: Cowboys FB Deon Anderson is arrested for traffic warrants and brandishing a weapon.
2/2/10: Bengals LB Rey Maualuga pleads guilty to DUI.
1/30/10: Chiefs CB Michael Richardson is arrested for various alcohol-related charges.
1/29/10: Bengals LB Rey Maualuga is arrested for DUI and careless driving.
1/18/10: Redskins G Chad Rinehart is arrested for public intoxication.
1/17/10: Chargers WR Vincent Jackson is arrested for driving with a suspended license.
1/15/10: Titans WR Kenny Britt is arrested for outstanding traffic tickets.
1/15/10: Former Bears DT Dusty Dvoracek is arrested for public intoxication, assault and battery, and interference with an official process.
1/12/10: Jets WR Braylon Edwards pleads no contest to assault charges.
1/10/10: Bucs S Jermaine Phillips is arrested for felony domestic battery by strangulation.
1/1/10: Colts WR Taj Smith is arrested for DUI.

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July 4, 2010  11:11 AM ET

Was it a Woman or Man?Actually,He should never have put Himself in such a compromising position,But,I don't know the particulars of the offense..Let Me ask You Men,have YOU EVER in YER LIFE,see some Couple arguing[that You don't know] and the guy smacks Her down?,Ever get in between that?9 times out of 10,The Woman will attack You too!!!!!Sad but true...

Though I've witnessed arguments between male and females I've been lucky enough not to see anything physical, outside of a little shoving, no actual fist flying, but I do know what you mean and it is sad. If you watch cops or any of those type TV shows you've no doubt seen that type of response from the woman, even when they've been beaten in some cases, I think they call it battered person/wife/woman syndrome.

Benson is accused of punching a bar employee after being asked to leave following a altercation.

Employees separated Benson and another patron. The affadavit said Benson pushed an employee in an attempt to continue the fight he was previously engaged in. He then spit blood from his lip onto an employee, the affadavit said.

Bar staff asked Benson to leave several times. Benson refused, and was escorted out of the bar, the affidavit said.

After leaving the bar, Benson hit an employee with his right fist to the left side of an employee's face, the affadavit said.

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