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July 13, 2010, 12:18 AM
Let's review this one last time:
Kentucky had FIVE players drafted in the first round of the NBA draft.
This has never been accomplished before in NBA history.
The great fans of Kentucky pay this fraud $4Million per year.
He can not even get to the Final Four.
The head coach of Butler comes within inches of beating Duke with alot less talent than most teams in the tournament. Shouldn't he get $8 million at the going rate!

The bottom line is Calipari thru recruiting has the best players and they do not succeed.He placed UMASS and Memphis on probation to get these players.
He is so over rated as a coach it is pathetic. Who the hell would want him.
He has done nothing in the big tournament except come up short.

Let's just say he is an underachiever. The probation part justifies he is a lowlife.
July 13, 2010  07:58 PM ET

Geez....he's only been there one year....cut him some slack....
as for who would want him...well, Kentucky wanted him and they have one of the most storied histories in all of college basketball
I'm not a big Calipari fan, but what's fair is fair
how many years was it before Dean Smith finally won a championship?

July 13, 2010  11:32 PM ET

he had 5 NBA First round players, are you missing my point?
and he could not get to the Final Four............................not win it just get there..................

January 7, 2011  01:08 PM ET

I am a long time KENTUCKY fan. I am from Lexington, and i remember when people used to get on Rupp for not winning a championship in his later years. Took Rupp along time to win his first , Give Calipari some time to get his style of play established, when he does you will see a change. He is not as bad as Joe B. Hall was. He sucked, but he did win a championship. It will come for Calipari in time.

January 14, 2011  06:57 PM ET

I'm not knocking the Kentucky program at all...but Coach Cal is crooked. How many coaches have had to vacate not one but two Final Four apperances with two different programs? Wildcat fans the inevitable is around the corner, it's not a matter of IF crooked Coach Cal gets UK in trouble, it's a matter of WHEN.

January 14, 2011  07:17 PM ET

Calipari has some severe issues when it comes to recruiting violations. He doesn't seem to really care about any of the consequences for his actions either, so long as he lands a top prospect and can be out of the program by the time the NCAA comes sniffing around looking for violations. I found this article that even strongly mentions Calipari in it; it is about the consequences of recruiting violations. ations.html

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October 6, 2012  06:08 PM ET

How would you guys like your Crow? Such haters. How does an Elite 8 in his first year, lost 5 players to the FIRST ROUND OF NBA DRAFT, Final 4 in his second year & lost 4 more players to the NBA, A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in his 3rd year & lost SIX PLAYERS to the NBA draft! For the record, thats 15 players sent to the NBA in 3 years! A feat that will NEVER be matched again, unless Cal does it! Reloaded with another #1 recruiting class in 2012 and is a favorite to repeat as National Champs in the 2012-13 season! Will likely send another 6 players to NBA in 2013 (Noel, Poythress, Cauley, Goodwin, Wiltcher, Harrow)! Has already all but locked up the #1 recruiting class in 2013 landing the amazing Twin Harrison's Duo which happen to be the #2 & #4 ranked players overall coming out HS, while being #1 at their respected positions (Andrew #1 PG, Aaron #1 SG). Also got comitment from Derek Willis. Let's not forget that UK and Cal are heavy favorites for the remaining top 5 unsigned HS prospects including Julius Randle, James Young, Aaron Gordon, Marcus Lee, & the MONSTER of all, Andrew Wiggins, if he reclassifies from class 2014 to 2013, which seems likely! That, my friends would/will be the greatest recruiting class ever in any sport by a landslide (the whole starting lineup would be in the top 10 HS prospects)...Just Wow! Let's don't forget, on top of all these accomplishments, Cal did turn Josh Harrelson, who was a total nobody by most everyone's regards, into a stud and NBA draft pick! But he's overrated though, right? LMAO! Just get used to it, UK and Cal owns college basketball and will for the next decade, atleast!

January 22, 2013  01:43 PM ET

Coach Cal is horrific. I would NEVER send my all star son to play for him. I would prefer he go and play under Coach K, Brad Stevens, Bob Knight or Crean from IU. Calipari once cleared out an entire restaurant of all of its guests, then had sex with a young lady on top of a table. He is someone that no mother should trust with the well being of their son.

March 13, 2013  06:35 PM ET

Well I am a Memphis fan, and certainly not a UK fan, but I will have to say that this year, with five top prospects as freshmen, and a very lean bench, seems to have done well, and especially after loosing his best player to injury! Suddenly the remaining players look to play as a team rather than a bunch of kids showing out in a gym!

He might even make the Dance, again!

March 13, 2013  07:24 PM ET

Of course, as a Memphis fan I just cannot help but state "UK has never beaten UM in Basketball!"



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