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July 16, 2010, 09:44 AM
Dear Sports Illustrated,

Please leave fantasy football to the experts. Fanball, Fantasy Football Index and a few others do their homework and have a staff that know a little something about the world of fantasy football.

Sports Illustrated is a great publication and the Fantasy Football edition is the prettiest on the shelf at the bookstore. However, the insight and information you provide is either vague, obvious or so off the mark. I thought your rankings in the 2009 edition were awful. Not to mention that you make no mention of the different scoring formats or even the scoring format for your so called Mock Draft.

Worst of all was your insider information.

Peter King, a man who I respect and admire, in 2009 put together a list of "10 Things I Think I Think".

10- I think you should not ignore Pat White in your draft. He might be the second coming of Kordell Stewart (better even).

9- I think you should not forget Ladanian Tomlinson. LT could lead the league in rushing and Turner will have no problem feeding him 320 carries.

8- Draft Felix Jones. You'll thank me for it.

7- Giants Steve Smith catches 93 balls.

6- A bigger year for Owens than Evans.

5- Donovan McNabb is a top 5 QB

4- Jason Campbell will stick it to his superiors for their lack of off season faith

3- Don't trust Matt Schaub as anything but a 14th round backup

2- Tom Brady wins Comeback Player of the Year, MVP, a 4500 yard year and 14 wins.

1- Trade down to the 8th pick and select Steve Slaton. In January after he has given you 1900 total yards and 14 touchdowns, Slaton will be known as the bargain pick of the year.

I'll tell you what I think. I think this article alone is enough to warrant a full refund of the purchase price of this magazine.

Now let's come back to 2010. I'm in the bookstore and what to I see? Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football 2010. I skim through it and it's much of the same. When I saw another Peter King's "10 Things I think I Think", I had to put the rag down.

Who cares what's printed, so long as a buck is made. Too bad. I thought Sports Illustrated was better than that.
September 3, 2010  12:11 PM ET

you've gotta try and try until you get it right!


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